Luxury design, integrated 17 speakers, price 70 million VND

At a recent event, French audio company Devialet introduced to Vietnamese users its latest product: the 5.1.2 soundbar. Devialet Dione.

On hand speaker - Photo 1.

This is a soundbar designed for home cinema in the high-end segment, with a reference price of up to 70 million VND.

On hand speaker - Photo 2.

Located at a price that is also “out of reach” for many people, Dione is equipped with many special features in both exterior design and internal configuration. The speaker has a long bar shape, with a matte black surface covered by a cloth.

On the speaker's hand - Photo 3.

The highlight is on a sphere in the middle, which the company calls the ORB design, which is even copyrighted! This component besides making a difference in appearance also contains the soundbar’s center speaker channel, which the company says benefits sound quality whether placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall.

On hand speaker - Photo 4.

All the control buttons of the speaker are located on the top, including the source switch, volume control, song switch, Bluetooth wireless connection button and microphone on and off.

On hand speaker - Photo 6.

About sound reproduction Devialet Dione has a total of 17 drivers to reproduce sound in 5.1.2, including 8 woofers to replace the sub-woofer, 9 satellite speakers for front and ceiling reverb. to create depth. This can be considered an all-in-one soundbar, no need to use a sub-woofer or other satellite speakers.

On the speaker's hand - Photo 7.

Dione integrates Devialet Operating System 2 (DOS 2) with 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores, 1GB RAM and 24bits/96kHz Devialet DAC decoding chip.

On hand speaker - Photo 8.

The speaker is also equipped with a lot of sound certifications and smart software, including Dolby Atmos surround sound, Space technology (upscale single, dual-channel audio to 5.1.2), HDMI eARC, CEC (controller) interface volume by TV), AirPlay 2 compatibility, Spotify Connect and the ability to “read” the room space to adjust the sound through the Devialet App.

Devialet Phantom

Phantom has probably become an iconic product of French audio company Devialet. Just by seeing the shape of this speaker, people will immediately recognize where it comes from. The turquoise version you see above is the 98 dB Sage Green Devialet Phantom II, a limited edition of only 15 available in Vietnam.

And here’s the Devialet Phantom I 108 dB Dark Chrome, with transmission black and dotted silver details.

And finally, the Devialet Phantom I 108dB Opéra de Paris version, marking 10 years of cooperation with Paris Opéra – a company specializing in organizing leading classical music events in France and around the world. trieu-20220423164012073.chn

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