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Ms. Nga 10 points, I only get 5 points

Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy of

Artist Thanh Quy self-identified that she only got 5 points compared to Mrs. Nga’s 10 point scale in “Love the sunny day”. Photo: NSX.

In the sharing session with the audience, the two actors “Thuong on a sunny day” – Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy and Huyen Lizzie – opened up about their roles.

Huyen Lizzie said she feels extremely lucky to be able to work and act with veteran artists like Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy.

“Fat Mrs. Nga is truly a symbol of Vietnamese mothers, Quy’s mother performed very well. For me, I was able to co-star with my mother, I feel very lucky, the scenes with my mother are my emotions. was pushed to the climax. Mother supports the young actors a lot “- the actress shared.

Besides, Huyen Lizzie also shared that there were segments where she and the young cast asked to be filmed over and over again, even though she cried a lot, artist Thanh Quy still cried for the actors to continue.

Huyen Lizzie also said that in touching scenes, she needed to cry a lot, she got her true feelings from her own character Van Trang.

“There will be times when I have to take my sadness from the outside, but the script is very good, so when I act with my mother Nga, I only need to rehearse through the dialogue once and then I will start filming, it’s very emotional. overflowing” – Huyen Lizzie added.

When asked how fat Mrs. Nga is in “Love the sunny day”, Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy humorously said that if Mrs. Nga got 10 points, I only got 5. “Mrs. Nga has her own dedication, hard work, and sweetness. In these matters, I feel a bit inferior” – the veteran female artist shared.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy from

The female artist was praised for her engaging acting. Photo: NSX.

With Huyen Lizzie, the actress said that she is similar to Van Trang in strength, but different from the character in the film, she has a loving and caring family since childhood. However, the role of Van Trang is a flood, since childhood, she has not been able to live with her biological mother. Even many scenes of Van Trang were smeared by her biological mother.

Specifically, she shared: “Van Trang and I are similar in strength and personality. But I am luckier than Van Trang because I have a happy and loving family. When playing Van Trang, I had to study carefully. About the character, an audience told me that “this is the role that I have to cry the most in my career”. Indeed, there are expensive and emotional parts, I think of artist Thanh Quy to get emotions.

“Love the sunny day about 2” has now passed about 10 episodes. The work received love thanks to the good acting of the star cast. In addition, part 2 scored points for having a tight script, pushing the character’s emotions to the climax.

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