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Police looking for someone to transfer money to charity in the case of ‘Doctor Khoa’

Ho Chi Minh CityNguyen Thi Minh Thy, 24, is suspected by the police of setting up “Charity Group 82” on Facebook to raise money and then appropriate it, so find the victims.

On April 25, Ho Chi Minh City Police said that finding the victims had transferred money to Thy (Facebook account Thy Nguyen) and some related individuals, in order to clarify the behavior Fraudulent appropriation of assets of the Thy group.

The information was posted on Tran Khoa's Facebook account, the night of August 7.  Screenshots.

The information was posted on Tran Khoa’s Facebook account, the night of August 7, 2021. Image: Screen capture.

According to the investigative agency, in 2018, Thy established and managed the fund “Charity Group 82” for the purpose of calling and selling to raise money for charity and receiving money from benefactors.

On the evening of August 7, 2021 (when Covid-19 broke out strongly in Ho Chi Minh City), account Thy Nguyen and Phong Lam Tag Tran Khoa (claiming to be a doctor, but using a profile picture as a dental doctor in Singapore) posted information that Doctor Khoa was taking care of his parents and a pregnant twin pregnant with severe Covid-19. In which, Doctor Khoa’s parents work in the medical industry, retired but helped fight the epidemic, unfortunately got sick Covid-19 and then got worse, was taken to the place where Doctor Khoa works for treatment. When his father died and his mother was in critical condition, Doctor Khoa decided to “remove the mother’s breathing tube to give her life” and performed a successful cesarean section.

After that, the account of the owner of a charity fund posted the content that “contacted Doctor Khoa and decided to support an invasive ventilator” for the hospital where he worked.

The story of “Doctor Khoa” was shared by many people, attracting many mourning and admiring comments. Some individuals and organizations are said to have donated money and property to Thy Nguyen, “Charity Group 82” … to transfer to Doctor Khoa and the hospital.

However, the authorities determined that the content “Doctor Khoa removed the mother’s breathing tube to save the mother” was not real. Dissemination of information by a group formed by fake accounts, interacting and operating systematically. Soon all accounts Phong Lam, Nguyen Thy and Tran Khoa close immediately.

Previously, all three accounts claimed to be members of “Charity Group 82”, which often organizes charity programs to support cancer patients. Many people said that they trusted this group, transferred money to a bank account named Nguyen Thi Minh Thy, in Thu Duc City, to support.

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