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See the old Vespa motorbikes over 50 years old gathered in Hanoi

Enthusiast reunion event motorcycle Vespa stock took place yesterday, April 24 in Hanoi. In addition to most of the cars that are kept original, the dark coating of time accounts for a large number of players who have the style of collecting accessories attached to Vespa cars. From the “boats” attached to the sidecar form, towing the “trailer” or the car with extra bags, clamps… creating an interesting colorful look. Many cars are over 50 years old.

The classic Vespas with decades of age have the opportunity to show off their beauty on the offline day for antique car lovers.
Vespa ETs were once stylish scooters of Ha youth in the late 20th century.
The Vespa Acma produced in the 50s of the last century, their value is sometimes even more expensive than the trendy Honda SH today.
A boat-mounted Vespa PX125 costs hundreds of millions of dong.
This Vespa PX not only attaches a boat, but also pulls a “trailer” of parcels.
Vespa Acma manufactured in 1954 is currently the most expensive old Vespa line in Vietnam, with prices up to hundreds of millions of dong depending on the rarity.
Vespa VB1 was only produced for 2 years 1957-1958, so it became one of the rare Vespa models and sought after by collectors all over the world.
Vespa Standard VBB2 produced 1960
A Vespa Standard VBB2 restored like new
Vespa Super VBC1 produced 1964.
Vespa Sprint 09 Autolube produced 1965.
Vespa Sprint 017 Autolube produced 1968
Vespa Rally 180cc produced 1970 and ended in 1973, with a total of 26,000 vehicles built. This car is also very rare in Vietnam.
Vespa ETS 125cc was produced in 1984 and sold only for more than 1 year, then gradually forgotten.
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