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Selling land plunges into the stock market, the land price increases, but the stock declines, investors face a “dilemma”

Afraid of falling land prices, investors rushed to sell to find new investment channels, namely securities. Thought it would be delicious but, in a short time, investors have lost hundreds of millions of dong…

In recent years, the land fever has continuously raged in many localities, whereby land prices have also continuously reached new peaks. Many investors think that the land price has reached the threshold and cannot go higher, so they calculate to change the cash flow to another investment channel to increase profits.

2021, can be said to be a breakthrough year for the stock market when VNINDEX reaches more than 1,500 points, the number of new investors opening accounts also continuously increases. In early 2022, many forecast that VNINDEX could reach 1,700 – 1,800 points this year.

Witnessing that friends around in 2021 have multiplied their accounts by times, Mr. Nguyen Van Tai (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi), in early 2022 hastily sold his previous investment to transfer money into securities.

Sharing about the calculation at that time, Mr. Tai said: “In the past few years, land prices have continuously increased sharply, then I thought land prices had peaked and would stay flat for a long time. If the macro has tight moves, the price may go down. Because I want to optimize my investment, I started to calculate and choose a new investment channel to make a profit.”

Selling land plunges into the stock market, the land price increases, but the stock declines, investors are in a

Mr. Tai said that around his colleagues and friends last year, when investing in real estate stocks, the profit was equal to times, many people put in only about 200-300 million VND, the account also increased to billions.

By the end of 2021, seeing high profits from securities, he sold his land. That land I bought about 1 year before the time of sale. The land he invested in Hung Yen, with an area of ​​100m2, by the time of sale for 2.5 billion, a profit of 1 billion compared to the time of money.

After the sale, Mr. Tai put all his money into stocks, listened to advice he bought real estate stocks with the expectation that they will continue to increase as hot as last year. By the time the stock returned to the account, the price had dropped by more than 10%. Continue to listen to the advice: “Unsold shares are not yet lost”.

Mr. Tai continued to hold and hope for more. However, all calculations and expectations of this investor continued to fall apart when recently the stock market continuously plunged. In the last 14 trading sessions, VNINDEX dropped from 1,530 points to 1,379 points (ending on April 22, 2022), equivalent to a decrease of 151 points.

To date, Mr. Tai’s account has lost more than 40%, equivalent to more than 1 billion dong. Even, there are trading sessions of his stocks that are still illiquid. Now, this investor seems to be in a “dilemma”.

“In just the first few months of the year, my stock account has flown to billions, now I don’t know whether to wait for the market to recover or maybe go down further. These things are beyond my expectations compared to the original”, Mr. Tai shared.

Meanwhile, this investor shared, the land he sold before was recently successfully traded for more than 3 billion VND. “Thinking that the land price has peaked, it is safe to take profits. Now the loss of securities is equivalent to the amount of land gain, although not yet negative in capital, it may continue to be negative. But I feel like I wasted my time waiting for the previous investment and the profit that should have gone into my pocket is gone,” said Mr. Tai.

According to a report by, land plots are searched more than before the COVID-19 epidemic, but decreased compared to the same period in 2021. This is also the fastest recovery type of real estate after each wave. disease outbreak.

The project’s land type and land plots are of increasing interest in many provinces. The number of searches for land plots in the first quarter still increased by 4% compared to the period in 2019, but decreased by 7% compared to the same period last year.

In which, in the North, the level of interest in residential land in some areas such as Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, etc. has decreased, but the asking price still increased by 35%, 16%, respectively. and 29% compared to the average price for the whole year of 2021. Residential land sale prices also increased simultaneously in the suburban districts of Hanoi such as Chuong My (74%), Quoc Oai (26%), Gia Lam (21%) ), Dong Anh (20%),…

Selling land plunges into the stock market, the land price increases, but the stock declines, investors face a

Land plots in the Central region recorded a 14% increase in interest, while some localities such as Dak Lak, Khanh Hoa, and Binh Thuan recorded a sharp increase of 58%, 48%, and 44%, respectively. The price of land for sale also recorded an increase compared to last year, in which, Thanh Hoa increased by 35%, Khanh Hoa increased by 26% and Binh Thuan increased by 13%.

In the South, interest in land plots decreased compared to the same period last year in many places such as Ho Chi Minh City (15%), Can Tho (40%), Binh Duong (13%), Dong Nai (13%). %), Ba Ria – Vung Tau (16%),… However, the asking price still increased by 27% in Binh Duong, 23% in Binh Phuoc, 13% in Long An, 7% in Dong Nai, .. .

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, Deputy General Director of, said that the overview information about the macroeconomic situation and Vietnam’s real estate market in the first quarter of 2022. Accordingly, the economy developed stably in the quarter with GDP growth better than the same period in 2020 and 2021, reaching 5.03%. Notably, while registered FDI in the whole industry decreased by 12% over the same period last year, FDI inflows into real estate increased by 213%. The number of newly established real estate businesses also increased by 47% over the same period in 2021.

Mr. Quoc Anh also cited data comparing with 2010 to show that the economy in 2022 is forecasted to have stable and sustainable growth when investment capital is managed closely and with focus; interest rates were stable and the economy started to recover well after more than 2 years of the epidemic.

With the real estate market, the Government is gradually making business activities transparent, helping the market develop healthy and sustainable. Meanwhile, according to a survey conducted by, home buyers continue to have a positive assessment of the real estate market after the Lunar New Year. Real estate is chosen as the preferred investment channel compared to the rest such as gold, securities, savings, etc.

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