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Stunned to know the truth why his father-in-law is in favor, even buying a billion-dollar car for his sister-in-law-Young

Monday, April 25, 2022 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

I did not expect that my father-in-law and sister-in-law had such a terrible past.

Stunned to know the truth about why his father-in-law is so favored, he also bought a car with billions of dollars for his sister-in-law - 1


I am 33 years old this year, my husband is 36 years old, we have 2 children, a girl and a boy. Up to now we have had almost everything that we ever wished for: a happy family, stable jobs. My husband is an exemplary man who always cares and loves his wife and children…

I am always proud of my husband and devoted to my family, completely trusting him. I am very satisfied with my husband, but my life is often tiring for other reasons, that is, living at my husband’s house. If my mother-in-law was very kind and loved her children, my father-in-law was very difficult. That was only for me, but for other people, especially my sister-in-law, my father-in-law spoiled me all the time.

My husband’s parents stipulate that two married sons must stay with their parents to take care of them when they are old. So, even if you want to go out alone, you can’t. My parents-in-law’s house is very large, so my small family and my husband living there are also very convenient.

I admit, my husband’s marriage to me encountered opposition from his parents and relatives because I was only good-looking, also from a common family… So when I returned to my husband’s house, I received discomfort. from father-in-law. In the house, I have to do many things such as cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house… While the eldest sister-in-law does not have to do anything.

My father-in-law also told me directly that I had to do the housework, not to invite the eldest sister-in-law to do it with the reason that she was the boss of a company, tired from work, and had to rest at home. I also do not compare, because it is true that the sister-in-law is very beautiful and well-spoken, so it is understandable that my parents-in-law will be satisfied.

But I don’t understand why my father-in-law is so fond of her, and bought many gifts for her, including a billion-dollar car. I was not allowed to buy anything by my father-in-law, and I was annoyed every day. Until one day, I accidentally discovered a secret between my father-in-law and my sister-in-law.

Two weeks ago, I overheard my father-in-law and sister-in-law talking to each other. As it turned out, the two of them had been together before my sister-in-law knew my husband. At that time, my father-in-law supported a lot for my sister-in-law to have a place in a company. It wasn’t until the eldest son brought his lover home to debut that he discovered that his son’s fiancée was his mistress. Because my sister-in-law was pregnant at that time, my father-in-law still had to approve his son’s marriage.

I was also very shocked to hear about this, in the middle of their story is just repeating old stories, there has been no act of violating family morals since the time my sister-in-law married my brother-in-law. The fact that my father-in-law favors my sister-in-law is also to “compensate” somewhat for her for the time of accepting to be a “little wife” for a while. Now the family is warm, father-in-law and sister-in-law also keep it a secret.

The story of father-in-law and sister-in-law became a thing of the past. But my father-in-law was too oppressive, and he was too fond of my eldest sister-in-law, so I was very resentful and hurt. Should I disclose this to my husband and mother-in-law? Give me advice!

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