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Supersonic weapon Avangard will be more powerful thanks to the Sarmat . missile

RT The new Russian intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) RS-28 Sarmat can be used to deploy hypersonic weapons, said Senior Lieutenant General Sergey Karakayev, commander of Russia’s strategic missile forces. Avangard.

According to General Karakayev, this weapon duo can penetrate all existing missile defense systems in the world and in the near future.

At the end of last week, the Russian military issued a notice announcing the successful implementation of the first test launch of Sarmat, before this missile model is officially put into service at the end of this year.

Russia: The Avangard hypersonic weapon will be more powerful thanks to the Sarmat - 1 . missile

Sarmat ballistic missile in test on April 21. (Photo: RT)

“The development of Avangard is ushering in a new era – the era of hypersonic weapons”General Karakayev told Rossiya 1 TV channel. The Sarmat missile itself will help the Russian military realize its ability to deploy hypersonic weapons.

According to General Karakayev, the Sarmat itself is designed to deploy Avangard, it can carry more warheads than the RS-18A ICBM models being used by Russia’s strategic missile forces.

It remains unclear how many Avangard warheads Sarmat can deploy. As RS-18A can carry at least 6 warheads and is capable of hitting multiple targets at the same time, however, the number of Avangard warheads that this missile can carry has not been announced. The Russian military also kept secret information about the offensive capabilities of hypersonic weapons.

Avangard is a hypersonic weapon developed by the Russian military, their mission is similar to a nuclear warhead on ICBM missiles but is more maneuverable and can reach supersonic speeds during flight. .

Russian President Vladimir Putin first publicly talked about Avangard during a press conference in 2018, the weapon is capable of flying 27 times the speed of sound and maneuvering in flight to evade missile defenses. enemy fire.

Commenting on Avangard, Chinese media said that this is a weapon that can overcome all missile defense systems and is much more terrifying than nuclear weapons.

Russia: The Avangard hypersonic weapon will be more powerful thanks to the Sarmat - 2 . missile

The Avangard hypersonic weapon is assessed to be able to overcome all Western defense systems.

Currently, Western countries still do not have their own hypersonic weapons. In early April, Australia, the UK and the US revealed that they would collaborate on ultrasound technology as part of a tripartite pact under the AUKUS alliance.

Even the US military is also testing a number of hypersonic missile models under the HAWC program, with certain successes.

Vladimir Degtyar, chief designer and CEO of Makeyev Missile Design Bureau, the company behind the development of Sarmat, said the new Russian ICBM is capable of hitting almost any target in the world. .

“Sarmat has a orbit around the globe, if the target is in the southern hemisphere, it can be attacked from the northern hemisphere and the target in the north can be attacked from the south.”he emphasized.

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