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Swim under the cold ice, the woman set a world record

April 25, 2022 14:30 GMT+7

A female swimmer from South Africa stunned the world when she set a record for swimming under the ice with a time of 90 meters.

Amber Fillary, a swimmer from South Africa, has done the unthinkable to set a Guinness World Record. The small woman has entered the world record book for the second time after swimming a distance of 90 meters under thick ice.

Swim under the cold ice, the woman set a world record
Swim under the cold ice, the woman set a world record

The miracle that Amber Fillary just performed took place in the Kongsberg area, Norway. She swam under the thick ice without any support like fins or a wetsuit, the girl just wearing a regular swimsuit.

In 2020, Amber Fillary successfully made the record in Oppsjo, Norway for the first time with her swim under the ice and the distance she completed was 70 meters.

To prepare for this record, Amber Fillary underwent breath-holding training at a nearby swimming pool, strength training in the gym and regular jogging.

Then she moved to Berlin for 5 days, letting her body get used to the cold. Days later, Amber moved to Norway and there she began to practice swimming in the lake, where she also set a record.

After practicing for a while, she got used to the cold, slowly adjusting to the temperature of the water and the equipment used during testing and practice.

Despite the challenges, Amber always tried to complete, she never gave up and managed to surpass her own previous record by 20 meters.

When everything goes according to plan and succeeds perfectly, it is proof of Amber’s outstanding talent and strength. She herself enjoyed time in the sauna to ‘defrost’ her body and celebrate her newly conquered title.

Amber’s story is a powerful reminder that with the right pursuit of your dreams, with the right planning, plus a tough-nosed spirit, you can, too.

Previously, a free diver from Croatia set a world record by diving 107 meters underwater in just one breath.

Vitomir Maricic doesn’t need much practice to do the challenge and shoot as he is an experienced freestyle athlete, an expert in apnea, the art of holding your breath while moving.

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