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The ‘5 don’t spend money’ rule helps the girl buy 3 houses at the age of 29

At the age of 29, earning $ 400,000 a year and owning 3 houses, Ms. Alexandra Fasulo living in the US state of Florida still maintains the “5 no money” rule to quickly increase the value of her personal fortune. core.

According to CNBC, Ms. Fasulo first hit the 6-digit income milestone in 2018 thanks to freelance writing, e-book sales, course sales, advertising revenue and online affiliate marketing. In 2021, the girl has earned a total income of more than 400,000 USD.

The '5 don't spend money' rule helps the girl buy 3 houses at the age of 29 - Photo 1.

The “5 Don’t Spend” rule helps the 29-year-old girl own 3 houses. (Photo: CNBC)

In addition to her business and writer career, Ms. Fasulo is also the host of the Freelance Fairytales podcast, which shares knowledge about part-time jobs for freelancers.

Although her annual income is “not average”, Ms. Fasulo admits she will not be able to earn that much money forever. Therefore, in addition to spending a few times on dining, entertainment and travel, Ms. Fasulo will implement the rule of saving and investing to help the property return. Currently, the young girl owns 3 homes in the state of Florida with a total value of nearly 1.2 million USD.

In order to live the life she wants and still be able to save as much money as possible, Ms. Fasulo follows the “5 no money” rule strictly.

No clothes, new bags

The girl has a habit of shopping for clothes at second-hand stores such as Buffalo Exchange and Pavement. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new clothes and trendy bags, the girl decided to spend less.

A rule of thumb is to not spend more than $2,500 a year on clothing purchases. This rule not only saves money but also protects the environment as she donates her old clothes to charities.


Ms. Fasulo uses a Chase Sapphire Rewards credit card. When using this card to pay for food and travel expenses, the girl will accumulate points. These points, when converted into cash, can cover most of the cost of annual flights and car rentals.

While the annual card maintenance fee is about $300, it saves Ms. Fasulo about $2,000 on flights and commuting each year. In addition, she uses her JetBlue credit card to make several free trips every year.

House for rent

The first house that the young girl bought was in March 2021. This is also where she lives and works. What makes many people admire is that Ms. Fasulo bought another house for investment in Miami in October 2021 and another in March 2022.

Two houses are rented out by her for a long time. The rental amount is enough to cover the mortgage and other home ownership fees. At the apartment Ms. Fasulo is living in, the monthly payment is also lower than the rent for a similar apartment.

Discount hours

As someone who likes to get up early, Ms. Fasulo always wants to do everything on schedule. Young girls like to find discount times at bars and restaurants near where she lives, especially when traveling.

Eating early every day helps Fasulo to pay 1/3 less than the cost of eating after 8pm.


If the distance is less than 5km, Ms. Fasulo will walk to exercise and save 30 USD for the return trip if booking an Uber. When traveling, walking also allows her to explore entire cities and towns with only a small amount of money.

Fasulo’s habit is to walk at least 12,000 steps a day. While in Florida, every day the girl scheduled to be able to walk to many places. Before she hit the road, she would check the map to make sure the roads had sidewalks.

In short, by walking regularly, Ms. Fasulo easily saves 300 USD/month on car expenses.

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