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The celebration was “1-0-2” at DTDV, look at the picture imbued with love!

Every time he started to compete, besides the final result of the whole match, the expressions, anger and resentment of the players in the match room is always watched by fans through the livestream. At the Arena of Fame, many cool images of the guys have been captured by fans. Now, however, many things have changed in the celebration.

Unlike the expressions and poses in front of the camera, the members of Team Flash recently brought a loving celebration with unexpected actions. Accordingly, after learning that Medusa had won the final victory over BOX Gaming, he made emotional gestures for the two teammates sitting next to him, ProE and Xuan Bach, making fans cry because they were so cute.

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Medusa is a new promising AD carry that was added to Team Flash’s lineup earlier this year.

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He did not hesitate to show his affection to his teammates.

In fact, the guys are inherently shy, rarely show affection and emotions to the outside, so this image that fans encounter is interesting.

The celebration was

This easy 3-0 victory against BOX Gaming further strengthens Team Flash in their determination to win the final ticket to AIC 2022.

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