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Trump said he could stop President Putin from using the word ‘nuclear’

Donald Trump said that if he was still the US president, he would make it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the owner of the Kremlin should not use the word “nuclear”.

Mr. Trump said he could prevent President Putin from using the word 'nuclear' - Photo 1

Donald Trump, while still the US president, meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland on July 16, 2018


“Putin always says the word ‘nuclear’,” Trump told the show’s Piers Morgan. Good Morning Britain. Interview program Mr. Trump Aired on April 25.

“He mentioned that word every day. And everyone was scared… When he saw them scared, he got in the habit of using it even more,” Trump said.

According to RT, the Russian leader has never directly threatened to use nuclear weapons against the West. However, in the implementation speech Special military operation in Ukraine In February, Putin warned that anyone who “deliberately blocks Russia’s way” will face consequences “the enemy has never experienced in all history”.

In an interview on British TV, Mr. Trump again said that he would be able to use US nuclear weapons when talking with the Russian president. “I would say the American has more nuclear weapons and more power, so he can’t use that word again,” Trump said.

Fox News in March quoted the former US president as saying that it would send nuclear-armed submarines along Russia’s coast. Recently, however, Mr. Trump has also called for dialogue as the best way to end the conflict in Ukraine.

RT cited some statistics showing that Russia owns more than 700 nuclear warheads compared to the US. The Moscow government insists that weapons of mass destruction are used only when its territory or infrastructure is hit by a nuclear pre-emptive strike, or in the event that Russia is threatened by both nuclear weapons and weapons. normal gas.

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