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VNPT youth organizes the 7th shock day for dear customers

VNPT youth organizes the 7th shock day for dear customers - Photo 1.

The event is a gratitude to customers across the country who have always trusted and used the service during the past time and will always be a companion of each family.

The program had the participation of Mr. Nguyen Ba Duan, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, President of the Vietnam Youth Union, Da Nang City, representatives of leaders of units in the Group and more than 200 youth union members of the Group. VNPT under the color “Green Warrior”.

Mr. Hoang Tien Hung, Member of the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the Union – Secretary of the Youth Union of the Group said “Through the program, we hope that each youth union member will be a brand ambassador promoting the Group’s products and services, helping customers to feel more clearly about a humane, responsible unit for the company. society, the community and the image of enthusiastic, young and dynamic VNPT green warriors”.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hai, Chief Representative in Da Nang shared: “Towards the goal of becoming the number 1 telecommunications service provider in Vietnam, VNPT’s services always focus on consumers in its sustainable development strategy”.

In addition to considering the interests of consumers, at the same time, focus on research to adjust and improve services in a convenient and reasonable way, in line with the needs and tastes of customers through services. services such as VNPT money, my VNPT, Shop CTV… all will be a reliable address for customers to choose.

Within the framework of a meaningful and humane event, 10 scholarships were awarded by VNPT Group to 10 excellent students with difficult circumstances (1 million VND/1 rate); support to repair 02 houses (worth 40 million VND).

The program “VNPT Youth for Dear Customers” on the 7th day volunteering for community life has really become a meaningful activity of the community. VNPT’s Youth Union.

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