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What flower is pig shit? Uses and uses to treat diseases

first What flower is pig shit?

Pig poop flower, also known as stinkweed plant, five-spice flower, winch rose thistle,… This is a wild plant species with the scientific name of Ageratum conyzoides, belongs to the Asteraceae family. People often grow this plant to make medicine.

What flower is pig shit?  Uses and ways to treat diseases - 1

Pig poop flowers are originally from countries in South America, especially Brazil. So they prefer tropical climates, do not grow in cold places. In Vietnam, you can see this plant anywhere, stretching from the North to the South.

2 Features of the pig shit flower plant

Some features of stinkweed plants that you should know:

2.1. About the trunk

Pork shit flower is a herbaceous plant, with an average height of 30-50cm. The stem is green or purple-green, the outside of the stem is covered with a layer of hairs.

2.2. About leaves

The leaves are ovate-shaped, growing symmetrically, 4-6cm long, 1-2cm wide. Both sides of the leaves are hairy, the margins are serrated. The underside of the leaf is lighter green than the top.

2.3. About flowers

Pig poop flowers are white, growing in small clusters on the tops of branches. Sometimes you can come across purple or blue flowers. The tree has the ability to produce fruit, the fruit is black, on the body there are 4-5 vertebrae running along.

3 Chemical composition in pig shit flower

Pig poop flowers are harvested by people to make medicines. Any part of the plant can be made into medicine, so this plant is very popular and widely cultivated. Some important chemical components present in skunk weeds include:

– Essential oils: accounted for about 2%

– Ageratochromen

– Caryophyllene

– Cadinen

– Ageratochromen

– Demetoxygeratochromene

– Alkaloids

– Saponins

In which, the active ingredients are Ageratochromen; Caryophyllene and Demetoxygeratochromene make up more than 77% of the essential oil.

What flower is pig shit?  Uses and ways to treat diseases - 3

4 What are the health benefits of pig poop flowers?

According to Oriental medicine, the flower of pig poop is average, bitter taste, fragrant. Has a dominant effect only blood, anti-inflammatory, treat bleeding, bleeding, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis,… Some specific uses of this herb have been shown to include: as follows:

– Anti-inflammatory, reduce pain, swelling caused by allergies.

– Treatment of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis for a long time does not go away.

– Helps prevent constipation, good for the intestines and digestive system in general.

– Treatment of bleeding disorders for women after giving birth.

– Treat colds, fevers caused by flu or change in weather.

– Detoxify the body, treat pimples, rashes.

– Support treatment of osteoarthritis pain, rheumatism effectively.

– Inhibits the growth of some types of bacteria that are harmful to the digestive system and intestinal tract.

5 Some folk remedies use pig shit flower to treat

Pig poop flowers can be used to prepare many different medicines. You can refer to the following:

5.1. Treatment of postpartum hemorrhage in women

You take out 30-50g of fresh pig shit flower, wash it and then crush it, then squeeze it out to get the juice. This juice is divided into 3 times a day. Use continuously for 3-4 days to see the effect.

5.2. Treatment of diphtheria or related diseases of the pharynx

Prepare 30-60g of fresh leaves of the pig shit flower plant, then wash and crush to get the juice. You add a little sugar to the juice to make it easier to drink, divided into 3 drinks a day.

Or another way you can do it, is to take the prepared leaves to dry, then grind into a fine powder to use in the throat to treat diseases related to the pharynx.

5.3. Cure joint pain due to inflammation

You prepare a handful of fresh pig’s dung flowers, bake them and then apply them to the places where you have joint pain. From there the pain will decrease, the swelling will also shrink and disappear.

5.4. Cure fever and colds

Prepare 50g fresh pig shit flowers, bring them along with 1 liter of water to decoction into medicine. Use this medicine orally every day to reduce fever and colds.

What flower is pig shit?  Uses and ways to treat diseases - 4

5.5. Cure pimples, rashes, festering

Prepare a handful of fresh pig shit flowers, crush them with a little sugar. Then take the mixture of the tree’s residue and apply it on the place where there are boils, rashes, and festering.

5.6. Cure sinusitis, allergic rhinitis

You prepare 100g fresh pig shit flower plant, along with 10g lemon leaves and 50g camphor. All bring into the pot to cook with half a liter of water, boil until the amount of water in the pot is about ⅓, then turn off the stove. Then you use this pot of medicinal water to spray directly onto the nose to treat sinuses, relieve colds, and treat rhinitis caused by allergies effectively.

5.7. Treat dandruff, smooth hair

You bring 200g of fresh pork locust flower and cook it with 50g of baked locusts. Using water after cooking to wash your hair regularly will help reduce itching caused by dandruff, eliminate dandruff and make your hair smoother.

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