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[11h20 ngày 27/4] Coin Secret #18: “Top or Surrender?”

The festive season in early May is approaching, the thought that investors with the market’s development momentum will have the opportunity to eat well and sleep peacefully, pack for travel after taking profits, now they are in pain by the electrical panel, waiting for them. the day of “returning to shore” after the record decline session from the beginning of 2022 of the market…

World investors have a saying “Sell in May and Go Away” because May is the month of the information valley, the time to report first-quarter business results and hold a shareholders’ meeting. Although it is a development that has entered the world’s investment textbooks, in Vietnam, this is probably the first time for most young investors to enter the market. In contrast to the strong May increase in the period of 2020-2021, in May this year they experienced a “low-lying area” when they experienced a decrease in their accounts, watching the market break the bottom gradually over the past week.

However, the Vietnamese market still has unpredictable unknowns. Will the market only correct and then accelerate again, or will it continue to break through to a new bottom? According to the latest estimates, the customer deposit balance at securities companies at the end of the first quarter of 2022 is about VND 100,000 billion, an increase of about VND 6,000 billion compared to the end of 2021 and this is a record number in history. Is this buying force that will pull the market up? Scenarios for May, which are being predicted in many uncertain directions, will be clarified by experts based on accurate and reputable data with the topic “To top or to surrender?” of “Secret Coin” number 18.

Besides clarifying possible scenarios, investment strategy is also an integral part of adapting to the current situation. Using available information on the market such as foreign net buyers, investigations into the real estate industry…, combined with the guest vision of being “wolf” in the market, the program promises to open up new suggestions. brilliant, even unexpected ideas in buying/selling strategies and helping to increase investor’s asset value.

[11h20 ngày 27/4]  Coin Secret #18: Leading or Surrendering?  - Photo 1.

Coin secret number 18 has the theme “Top or Surrender?”

This week, in addition to two familiar faces, Editor Hoang Nam and expert Pham Luu Hung (Mr. X30) – Chief Economist of SSI Securities Joint Stock Company, the program had the presence of 2 guests: one guest. especially, Ms. Ta Thanh Binh, Director of Market Development Department, State Securities Commission and a beauty appeared with a special role on the securities roundtable of the upcoming number of programs.

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