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3 months of dozens of suicides, Thuan Phuoc bridge was labeled ‘death bridge’

Recently, Thuan Phuoc bridge has continuously happened to jump from the bridge to suicide. In just 3 months, dozens of heartbreaking cases have been recorded. The beautiful and majestic bridge is now known by many as “the bridge of death”.

3 months of dozens of suicides, Thuan Phuoc bridge was labeled ‘death bridge’
Recently, Thuan Phuoc Bridge continuously recorded cases of suicide.

Da Nang City stands out with bridges spanning the Han River such as Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Song Han Bridge, and Thuan Phuoc Bridge.

In which, Thuan Phuoc bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in Vietnam, opened to traffic on July 19, 2009 with a total length of 1,856m. The bridge has a design of 3 655m long steel hammock spans and 405m long hammock span span connecting two 92m high towers, creating a soft design for the project.

The bridge is located in a special position, the beginning of the sea and the end of the river – where the Han River flows into the sea at the mouth of Da Nang Bay. The bridge is 18m wide with 4 lanes (cars and motorbikes), 2 walkways and 2 paths for bicycles and rudimentary vehicles. This is also a favorite check-in place for many locals and visitors to Da Nang.

However, recently, when mentioning Thuan Phuoc bridge, people immediately think of the “death” bridge. The reason is that a lot of people choose to go to this bridge to… commit suicide, there are continuous jumps.

Why is one of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang bearing the name 'death'?
The bridge is beautiful but has the name “death”.

Recently, on April 13, people discovered a body lying at the abutment of Thuan Phuoc bridge (Hai Chau district). After that, the Police Team of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue on the River – Police Department of Fire Prevention and Rescue of Da Nang City Police dispatched officers and soldiers with canoes to the scene to bring the body to the scene. shore, organize forensic examination.

Just a few days before, on April 9, on the embankment of Le Van Duyet street, the fisherman discovered the body of a young man. Authorities later determined the cause of death of the victim.

In March 2022, many consecutive cases on Thuan Phuoc bridge intended to jump into the river to commit suicide.

Most notably, the incident happened in the early morning of March 8, Mr. OVT (born in 1980, Hai Chau district) left his motorbike on Thuan Phuoc bridge and jumped into the river to commit suicide. Although earlier on March 7, the police force and his family after 15 hours of persuasion made Mr. T give up his suicide intention and return home with his relatives.

Why is one of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang bearing the name 'death'?
Authorities convinced the man who intended to jump from the bridge to commit suicide on March 7.

On the afternoon of March 10, the old man NNK (86 years old, Thanh Khe district) left his bicycle at the bridge wall, intending to climb over the railing to commit suicide, but fortunately, people promptly discovered, intervened and reported. rescue function. The old man confided, seeing that he was old and weak, often sick and ill, did not want to be a family member, his children and grandchildren should think about jumping.

On the evening of March 11, Thuan Phuoc Bridge recorded another case of suicidal thoughts. Specifically, around 9pm, a woman in her 30s went up to the bridge to jump off, but fortunately the functional forces quickly approached and persuaded the girl to give up her foolish intentions.

Then on March 12, the rescue force discovered two bodies including a young man and a woman under the abutment of Thuan Phuoc bridge. According to people, at about 13:00 on the same day, the woman driving a motorbike on the bridge suddenly climbed over the railing and threw herself into the river to commit suicide. The incident happened so fast that passersby could not intervene in time. When the fire and rescue forces were present at the scene, they suddenly discovered the body of a young man suspected of committing suicide the night before, on the body there were some mortgage papers.

Why is one of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang bearing the name 'death'?
Authorities discovered two bodies at the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge on March 12.

In February 2022, there were also 6 suicides on Thuan Phuoc bridge.

According to local people, those who intend to end their life choose Thuan Phuoc bridge because it is located next to the sea mouth, people who fall from Thuan Phuoc bridge are less likely to survive.

Like the incident that happened on the morning of February 6 (the 6th of the Lunar New Year 2022), when officers, soldiers and canoes were on a mission to search for people missing due to jumping, suddenly from Thuan Phuoc bridge there was a person. The man jumped into the Han River to commit suicide. Although the rescue force quickly approached, but due to unfavorable weather, strong waves, so when approaching, this person did not survive.

In addition, this bridge has less traffic. When you intend to jump from the bridge, it will be difficult for passersby to detect and intervene in time. In particular, with the height of the bridge more than 30m above the water, it is difficult for anyone to jump down to rescue.

It is known that, since the Lunar New Year, there have been many cases of bridge jumping, so the police of Thuan Phuoc ward have increased patrolling the bridge. Many fortunate cases were detected by the competent forces in time, so they advised, persuaded and mobilized them to give up their suicide intentions.

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