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5 ways to effectively prevent prostate disease

We all know that the prostate gland plays a particularly important role for men, having a great influence on male sexual function and reproduction, so men should do a good job. health care prostate gland and try not to do things that will hurt them.

If unfortunately you have a prostate disease, it is very important to go to a reputable hospital for timely treatment, to avoid the situation for a long time, the problems will become more serious.

Men can protect their prostate in the following ways.

5 ways to effectively prevent prostate disease - men should apply early - 1

1. Don’t drink too much alcohol or eat too spicy food

Spicy foods will dilate blood vessels and increase blood vessel permeability, thereby causing edema and congestion of the inflamed prostate, compressing or irritating the urethra, leading to less urination, urinary frequency, urgency and urgency. other symptoms.

Not only that, eating spicy food or drinking alcohol at the same time will cause local pain and swelling symptoms.

Alcohol can also stimulate blood vessels, making the prostate in a long-term congested state, adversely affecting prostate health. So, to protect the prostate, you must avoid drinking a lot of alcohol and eating foods that are too spicy, such as chili or mustard.

5 ways to effectively prevent prostate disease - men should apply early - 2

2. Drink lots of water and pee at the right time

Drinking a lot of water not only thins the blood, but also dilutes the urine, so to protect the prostate, you should drink more water at normal times, in addition, you should urinate promptly as soon as you feel sad. urine.

Not urinating in time has a bad effect on the bladder and prostate, because holding on to urine will increase urine concentration, long-term toxic substances in the body will damage the prostate gland.

3. Avoid sitting for a long time, staying up late

Sitting for a long time will make the perineum and pelvis in a state of congestion, and will pressurize causing prostatitis, increasing the likelihood of prostatitis.

Not only that, staying up late or sitting for a long time with inactivity will also cause many other diseases, the body’s reduced resistance can also lead to inflammation, increasing the likelihood of prostate inflammation.

5 ways to effectively prevent prostate disease - men should apply early - 3

4. Keep the intimate area clean

Men’s private area has many folds, it is easy to become a place for bacteria to grow and multiply, when bacteria are superinfected, it will lead to prostate diseases such as prostatitis, prostate cancer. prostate gland, sexual dysfunction, etc. Therefore, men should keep the intimate area clean, wash the private area daily.

5, Strengthening physical training and sports

Increasing physical activity and daily exercise can improve the body’s immunity and reduce the incidence of various diseases, including prostate diseases.

In addition, regular exercise can also help blood circulation go more smoothly, avoiding prostate blockage that greatly affects prostate health.

5 ways to effectively prevent prostate disease - men should apply early - 4

Extra advice:

To keep the prostate healthy, you must pay special attention to all aspects of your daily life, in terms of diet, it is best to limit or abstain from alcohol, eat less spicy foods, and form a habit of drinking water. Regularly, avoid holding urine, sitting for a long time, staying up late.

Remember to keep the intimate area clean and increase exercise, multi-dimensional movement can make the prostate become stronger.

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