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AI, machine learning will help digitally transform tourism after COVID-19-Information Technology

Monday, April 25, 2022 16:30 PM (GMT+7)

An automation platform powered by conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can understand and optimize conversations.

Hospitality and tourism are two of the industries hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there are reasons to be optimistic about the revival of the tourism industry in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), experts are still very cautious in judging when the new tourism industry will could return to the pre-pandemic level.

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AI is applied in many fields. (Illustration)

According to Mr. Ravi Saraogi – Co-founder and President of Uniphore APAC, to be able to meet the requirements of today’s travelers, businesses need to provide optimal customer experiences, including non-contact services. contact (such as online transactions, use of digital room keys), the ability to change or cancel a trip at no cost, for the purpose of personalizing the customer experience before, during, and after the trip.

“When travelers experience problems like unexpected delays or cancellations, they often want real help. They want and expect an experience with personalized customer service, delivered empathy, including being able to interact with customer service staff who understand problems and can quickly help them solve them. they quickly have the opportunity to experience their vacation is the factor that helps the tourism industry regain customer loyalty,” said Mr. Ravi Saraogi.

According to him, the process of optimizing customer experience in the travel industry will begin with understanding and optimizing the conversations before, during and after a customer interacts with a customer service staff – from support services to customer service. Automated customer support, support from customer service staff, follow-up after the call and make requests during that call. An automation platform powered by conversational AI and machine learning can understand and optimize conversations between customers and customer service agents across all different channels.

“Conversational AI is a collection of advanced technologies that recognize and understand human language, and then use this understanding to optimize, automate, and analyze conversations across multiple channels of communication.” different peanuts,” explained Mr. Ravi Saraogi.

“With an AI-powered conversation automation platform, hospitality and tourism call center systems can use machines to automate conversations, improve customer service efficiency, and improve customer service performance.” the work of customer service staff,” he added.

Mr. Saraogi affirmed that applying conversational AI to automated customer support services will help brands increase engagement with customers, improve satisfaction of interactions before, during and after the trip. , and at the same time, it helps to reduce the number of exchange calls of the customer care center by at least 15%.

For example, a customer can call to book a trip, through interaction with an intelligent voicebot. Voicebot will use natural language reading comprehension (NLP) technology to help customers eliminate difficulties in the booking process, making it easy for customers to complete their trip bookings. By being seamlessly connected to reservation and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, IVA will simplify transactions.

“Using conversational AI to optimize, analyze, and automate every conversation is the foundation for brands in the travel and hospitality industry to transform the traveler and travel agent experience, enhance improve customer satisfaction, regain customer loyalty and increase revenue as tourism demand continues to increase again,” emphasized Mr. Ravi Saraogi.

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