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Apple will be forced to equip USB-C for iPhones if it doesn’t want to be fined

This includes using the elaborate Lightning port, which Apple offers for iPhone and iPad as a proprietary option. This vote affects Apple devices most directly.

Apple will be forced to equip the iPhone with USB-C if it doesn't want to be fined - 1

The move will require all new phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, headsets, handheld game consoles and portable speakers to have a common USB-C port for charging and data transmission, except when the device is too small like a smart watch.

The Resolution adopted by the European Parliament (MEP) will require clear information and labels on new devices regarding charging options, as well as whether a product will be, according to a press release from the Voting Commission. charger included or not. They say this will help avoid confusion and ease purchasing decisions for consumers who often own multiple devices and don’t always need an additional charger.

“With the use of wireless charging on the rise, MEPs want the European Commission to come up with a strategy by the end of 2026 that will allow for minimal interoperability of any new charging solutions. The goal is to avoid new fragmentation in the market, further reduce environmental waste, ensure convenience for consumers and avoid the so-called ‘lock-in’ effect created by proprietary charging solutions. out”the notice adds.

Obviously, wireless charging will also be in the standardization block. Next month, the European Parliament will vote to pass this draft law and then it will have to send it to the usual voting round of EU member states, so the iPhone 14 will certainly be safe from requests. this bridge.

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