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Be daring with passionate “rainy clouds” night experiences

Sex hotel: Better than a bed, London

Instead of experiencing “love” in ordinary hotels, you can experience a unique and daring feeling in a “sex dungeon”. This is a hotel service that needs careful consideration before using because it is only for followers of BDSM (sexual masochism, sadism). This is an independent self-contained building with a variety of “fun” equipment in large quantities and is provided free of charge to guests who book at the hotel.

Be bold with hotels that experience a passionate

Sex hotel: 250 dollars an impressive night here (Image: Twitter)

The hotel built the concept of an adult’s walk with all the basic amenities of a hotel and tools for the “discipline” of BDSM. A daring hotel for an unforgettable experience with your partner.

Sex hotel: Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

This magnificent punk-inspired building has 19 rooms with various themes and styles. Guests who book rooms here can choose from eccentric rooms to colorful, flashy with many unique building ideas and room layout designs.

This particular hotel has many rooms with its own character, from Star Wars to Dollywood and even lewd rooms for “games”.

Be bold with hotels that experience a passionate

Sex hotel, with a variety of rooms to serve the rainy season (Photo: Hotel Pelirocco)

The Lover’s Lair is a special room with a round bed and pole dancing area, while the Nookii room with bathroom has thin curtains. There is also a Japanese-style love room called Kobito Love with a large bed and a large bathtub right in the bedroom.

$96 for a “rainy” night at this hotel. There is also a special love item package that ranges from $35 to $260 with a variety of tools, toys, and lubricants.

Sex Hotel: Geihinkan, Tokyo

In Japan, love hotels are a stopover for couples for the sole purpose of a short period of time. There are many hotels in Japan with this special service and Geihinkan is a prime example of this special service and cannot fail to mention in the list of options to bring an unforgettable experience to your love life. Come here more sublime.

Be bold with hotels that experience a passionate

Sex hotel: All are welcome to experience this magnificent hotel (Image: Timeout)

Opened in 1962, this is perhaps one of the most flashy, ostentatious love hotels in the world. The room brings the direction of Chinese prostitutes to rooms with Rococo-style architecture.

Sex hotel: Desire Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico, This option is for people with unique tastes who like to show off.

Dressed up or not is your choice at this couples-only hotel. There are raucous parties at the hotel’s nightclub with pole-dancing strippers and even “game” rooms for hot nights.

The hotel also offers a premium menu with special erotic massage services and a private videographer to film love videos for couples.

Be bold with hotels that experience passionate

Sex hotel: Hotel with crazy services (Image: Booking)

This is undoubtedly the most daring hotel for couples and pleasure seekers in this one-of-a-kind stop.

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