Boss asks employees to report battery usage on phones before leaving

Recently, the boss of a small company in Wuhan, China, caused controversy online because it was reported that he required his employees to send him a screenshot of the battery life on the phone first. when leaving the company.

This is believed to be because the boss thinks the company’s poor performance in recent months is related to employees spending more time on smartphones instead of working. Therefore, he decided to solve the problem by checking the employee’s phone usage on a daily basis.

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An employee took to social media and revealed this “productivity method”, he and his colleagues were asked to go into the phone settings and take a screenshot of the graph of battery usage for the day. send it to your boss.

Of course, most people oppose this approach, calling it an invasion of privacy. Many see it as useless work, while others advise company employees to quit and find another place to work.

“It’s outrageous, when a company starts doing things like this it usually means it’s going downhill and you should start planning a job change.”one person commented on Weibo.

“Clearly an invasion of privacy,” another said.

Some people even “set up” that employees just need to bring another smartphone and take screenshots from this phone, while still using the main smartphone as usual.

China: Boss asks employees to

The other employee said most employees resigned because of fear of affecting their work.

Some sources say that, after the online controversy, the other boss released a statement and publicly explained that his method was not intended to invade employee privacy, but to increase productivity. by making sure they don’t use social media or play games at work. Of course, this explanation did not satisfy the online community.

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