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China tightens regulations on e-cigarettes

On April 25, China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) – China’s tobacco regulator, published a draft set of rules to strengthen control over manufacturing activities. Electronic cigarettesin the context that this country tightens the management of the tobacco industry.

In the announcement, the STMA said it would “reasonably” control the scale and capacity of e-cigarette production to prevent overproduction. The Chinese government will also ban foreign investment in the retail sector of e-cigarette products, and review foreign investment in manufacturing. With these new regulations, e-cigarette companies that want to list in the Chinese market or abroad will have to apply for a license.

In recent months, China has tightened regulations on e-cigarettes. Last year, the country revised its tobacco monopoly law, placing e-cigarette products under the same regulatory category as traditional tobacco products. Under the revised law, e-cigarette companies are only allowed to sell products through authorized channels.

China is currently the largest producer and exporter of e-cigarettes in the world. Despite the raging COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of e-cigarette consumption in this country has continuously grown. New-generation tobacco products such as e-cigarettes are becoming an alternative in China, experts say, as an increase in the number of people giving up conventional cigarettes because of the product’s heavy taxation and high taxes. As more and more people know the dangers of cigarettes.

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