Clip: The auntie grabbed the traffic police’s shirt and asked for a driver’s license

“I told you to give me back my driver’s license… I don’t steal,” the woman argued.

Recently, on MXH appeared a clip recording the situation of a woman deliberately opposing Traffic Police after a traffic violation caused people to shake their heads in disgust.

It is known that the above incident happened on the Opera House Street area, City. Hai Phong and was recorded by people witnessing the incident using their phones.

When caught in the wrong direction, the woman had her driver’s license withheld, but she refused to agree, rushed to grab the collar of the traffic police and demanded it be returned to her.

“I told you to give me your driver’s license… I don’t steal or steal”the woman argued.

The clip recorded the incident

The traffic police warned that they would force her if the woman refused to cooperate. “I warn you, take your hand off, I’m wearing a government uniform. You’re violating traffic, we have your driver’s license suspended.” said traffic police comrade.

After that, the woman admitted her mistake and would follow the traffic police, but still insisted on getting her driver’s license back.

Witnessing the incident, a few people standing there dissuaded and reminded the “aunt” to stay calm because she was the one who was wrong anyway.

Struggling for a while, woman resolutely refused to cooperate, deliberately resisted forcing the traffic police to forcibly send them to the office.

The clip, after being posted on MXH, quickly attracted the attention of many people. Most of them spoke out against the woman’s behavior against the law enforcement officer, and some even left a comment hoping that the authorities would handle it seriously and set an example for others.

According to Vietnamnet

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