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Coffee shop in Japan for those who “run the deadline”, can’t come back after completion-Young people

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 07:15 AM (GMT+7)

If you’re not someone who’s “running a deadline” for a writing-related job, you won’t be able to enter this cafe. And once you’re in, it’s… hard to come back if you haven’t finished the work. This seemingly “picky” coffee shop turned out to be very attractive to customers.

Coffee shop in Japan for those who

A cafe dedicated to writers who need to “run deadlines”. Photo: Twitter.

Today, there are many employees who prefer to go to a coffee shop to work instead of sitting in a boring office. Especially those who do jobs that require creativity and inspiration such as writing, the more they like coffee shops with suitable working conditions such as beautiful scenery, soft music…

However, sitting in a coffee shop can be distracting, sometimes not achieving the desired effect. Therefore, a cafe owner in Tokyo had a new idea: Open a shop exclusively for writers who need to “run the deadline”.

So recently, Writing Manuscript cafe was opened in Koenji area (Tokyo).

When you arrive at the restaurant, before you sit down, you will have to tell the staff what you will write (novel, article, script, translation, editing, project sketch…). Then you will have to say what your goal for that day is (how many words to write, how many pages to translate, how many documents to edit, etc.).

After the announcement is complete, you can choose a seat, with a full power socket, charger, wifi password …, and invite you to start working. Every hour, an employee of the bar comes to check how much of the goal you have achieved. Even the staff may say a few words to put pressure on you.

Coffee shop in Japan for those who

The sign of the restaurant. Photo: Twitter.

You will have to pay 150 yen / 30 minutes sitting at the bar (27,000 VND) but in return, you only have to pay for water or coffee once and then drink as many cups as you want. Or if you like, you can bring your own food and drink, or while sitting there hungry, you can order food to be delivered, only, the longer you sit, the more you will spend on the seat. never mind.

You will not be allowed to leave the shop before reaching the announced goal, or will have to wait until the shop closes (around 7pm). Therefore, customers coming to the restaurant are advised to set realistic, moderate goals.

Coffee shop in Japan for those who

Inside the bar. Photo: Sora News.

I thought a shop like this was “picky”, but it turned out that the shop had no shortage of customers who made reservations many days in advance to “be” here to work. It seems that now, everywhere, there are people who need to “run the deadline” and need more services to push this.

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