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Confusing reaction of biological mother after 6 subjects were arrested

On the afternoon of April 26, Lieutenant General Chiraphat Phumchit – representative of the police investigation agency opened a press conference to officially give a conclusion on the death of Mr. Tangmo Nida on 2/24.

According to Lieutenant General Chiraphat Phumchit, the death of the actress “Flying Leaf” was due to the negligence of the subject on the boat. Regarding Tangmo Nida’s thigh injury, it was confirmed to have been caused by the boat’s propeller.

Responding to a media question about the investigation process, Lieutenant General Chiraphat Phumchit said that they had questioned 124 witnesses, reviewed 200 CCTV footage, 2,249 documents from evidence to prosecute 5 people on the boat and 1 other object. Thus, for this case, the police decided to prosecute and arrest 6 subjects.

The death of Tangmo

The police held a press conference to announce the conclusion of the case.

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The death of Tangmo

6 subjects were prosecuted and arrested.

The death of Tangmo
The death of Tangmo

Source: CH3, posttoday

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