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Cooperating with Hana Financial Investment, BIDV securities hopes to maximize value

On March 11, 2022, Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd (Hana Financial Investment – HFI) announced the successful signing of the Contract to buy 35% of the charter capital of the Investment and Development Bank Securities Company. Vietnam (BSC) in the form of private placement with a total transaction value of nearly 117 million USD.

It is known that right after completing the transaction, HFI and BSC have started to launch strategic cooperation projects to increase the value of BSC.

According to information from HFI’s representative, as the second largest shareholder after BIDV, HFI will jointly operate and support BSC’s activities in digital transformation and development of new business segments. Specifically, HFI plans to improve the quality of brokerage services, expand the customer base through optimizing the digital trading platform as well as expand its business into the field of fund management.

This is expected to help BSC build a comprehensive ecosystem of financial products and services, towards sustainable development as well as maximize corporate value.

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BSC Securities Company was established on 26/11/1999 with head office in Hanoi and the largest shareholder is BIDV Bank holds 79.94% shares. BSC’s main business activities include securities brokerage, underwriting, investment consulting, derivatives trading, proprietary trading, and investment banking (IB).

In the financial year 2021, the Company achieved the Top 26 in terms of equity size, the Top 11 stock brokerage market share and achieved a profit of USD 15 million, equivalent to a ROE ratio of 22.2%. With additional capital from the additional issuance for strategic partner HFI, BSC is expected to make a leap in ranking to the Top 10 securities companies with the largest equity size.

Vietnam’s stock market has experienced impressive growth thanks to large capital flows from individual investors in a short period of time in the condition that the network of securities companies is only concentrated in big cities and not yet nationwide, which shows the importance of adopting e-KYC technology and user-friendly digital platforms.

By the end of 2021, the total number of individual investors’ trading accounts reached nearly 4.3 million accounts, an increase of 1.5 million compared to the previous year (2.7 million accounts). The average age of Vietnam’s population is 31 and the smartphone usage rate is nearly 64%, so improving competitiveness on digital platforms is currently becoming the main driving force behind the success of businesses on the Internet. market.

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In the near future, the technology departments of HFI and the parent group HFG will coordinate to conduct a survey of the current information technology infrastructure and trading platform, analyze the key factors, and analyze the current information technology infrastructure. weaknesses of the Vietnamese stock market to provide a strategic solution to strengthen the digital platform for BSC.

In addition, Vietnam’s economic growth will lead to a further increase in the number of the middle class, so BSC and HFI are developing a business plan to expand strategic cooperation into management. The fund is still in its infancy in Vietnam.

With a wealth of experience throughout the years, HFG Group has always been a pioneer and achieved many successes in strategic partnerships with large organizations. Typically, Hana Bank China cooperates with domestic partners like Alibaba to successfully launch unauthenticated loan products with a total disbursement value of nearly 1 billion USD.

PT KEB Hana Bank Indonesia, a subsidiary of Hana Bank in Indonesia, partnered with Global Communications Company LINE to launch a digital banking mobile application called ‘Line Bank’ and is currently running provides deposit and loan services to many users.

With the achievements that HFI has achieved in the global digital business, BSC aims to be in the Top 7 securities companies in Vietnam by 2026.

It is known that in 2019 Hana Bank and BIDV signed and completed the share purchase and sale transaction and this is an important foundation for the two groups to continue to expand their strategic partnership.

With the success achieved from the strategic investment in BIDV, HFG Group intends to expand its development into the securities business and build a foundation of non-banking business that is highly appreciated. development potential.

In addition, HFI plans to continue to engage in further strategic investments and expand its global network instead of the traditional method of establishing and owning a wholly owned subsidiary.

BSC will use capital from the private placement to focus on promoting brokerage, margin lending, proprietary trading and investment in upgrading, information technology system development, digital transformation as well as digital transformation. develop a comprehensive financial services ecosystem, aiming to become the leading securities company in Vietnam in terms of digital.

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