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Criticized for being both “short” and “small”, the man decided to change the “gun” and the bitter ending

Being criticized by his girlfriend for a short, small ‘little boy’, a 32-year-old man overcomes his guilt and self-deprecation to go to a private clinic to inject silicone directly into the “little guy” but the outcome was unexpected.

After a few days, the “little boy” appeared painful, even deformed due to silicone movement, but this Hanoi man still hesitated to go to the hospital right away.

A few months later, the pain increased, the penis turned purple, it was difficult to get an erection… Unable to stand it, he went to the Department of Urology and Male Surgery, Hospital E to check.

Dr. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Lien – Head of the Department of nephrology, urological surgery and andrology, E Hospital, said that the male patient came to the doctor with a state of painful genitals, difficulty in erection, bruising and more ominous skin necrosis. .

“During the examination, the patient said that because his girlfriend criticized him for being small and short, he decided to go to a private clinic to inject silicone solution into the penis to increase the size”, Dr. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Lien information.

Through diagnosis, the patient had a severe infection due to the unsatisfactory silicone pump, late arrival at the hospital, and partial skin necrosis. Immediately, the doctors had to surgically remove the entire implanted silicone plaque, at the same time cut off the infected skin and take the skin to reshape the penis.

Criticized for being both “short” and “small”, the man decided to change the “gun” and the bitter ending

This is not the first case of almost losing a “little penis” due to silicone injections to increase penis size to make sex more sublimated.

Before that, a 43-year-old male patient also had to go to Can Tho Central General Hospital for emergency.

The patient is Mr. NVD. (43 years old, address in Kien Giang) went to the hospital because of tension, discomfort in the penis skin and difficulty in sexual activities after a friend injected silicone into the penis.

According to this man, about 7 months ago when he was hospitalized, while fishing on a boat, he saw a colleague inject liquid silicone into his penis to increase its size. Immediately, the patient followed suit.

At first, the patient noticed that the skin of the penis was firmer, with increased pleasure. But about 3 months later, the silicone mass had spread to the base of the penis and scrotum accompanied by a feeling of tightness and deformity. At the same time, the scrotum and foreskin are hard and cannot slide down.

Patients feel uncomfortable, sexual activities difficult. At this time, the patient was in a panic, rushed to the hospital to surgically remove the silicon.

Sharing with reporters, Dr. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Lien said there is a fact that many men today have a need to refurbish their “boys” to be more confident in front of their partners. Accordingly, they do this with the desire to increase the “brain” of men, which can prolong love or increase pleasure during sex.

“There are people who really have a size problem, are smaller or shorter than usual. Some even have a malformation of the sunken or shortened belly due to belly fat…

Currently, medicine applies many techniques to change the size of the penis such as permanent ball placement, autologous fat injection, silicone pump…

However, these techniques, if carried out at an unsafe facility, will cause infection and pain during sex. Even foreign bodies can be left in the vagina of a sexual partner, which is very dangerous.

After entering the body, silicon penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue in the penis, mildly causing pain, erectile dysfunction, making it difficult for patients to have sex. More severe cases can cause deformity, even necrosis. Even if the silicone spreads down to the scrotum, leading to necrosis of the testicles, the patient still faces the risk of infertility,” said Dr. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Lien said.

Therefore, experts recommend that men who have real problems in “small penis” such as: being small or shorter than usual or having deformities such as sunken, short due to belly fat need to be “refurbished”. should go to a specialized hospital for appropriate examination and treatment.

Gentlemen should not go to clinics, underground cosmetic facilities to inject silicone to avoid serious consequences. Dr. Doctor Dinh Lien said that, if you want to be beautiful, go to the plastic surgery and plastic surgery department at a reputable hospital to get specific advice from a doctor.

When injected into the penis, liquid silicone will deteriorate in many ways, depending on the response of each person’s body. Or rather, depending on the body itself, according to the dose of silicone injected, the number of injections and the injection technique, the reaction can be fast or slow, heavy or light.

When the silicone pump was first applied, it also worked at first, seeing that the “small penis” was bigger than before, all activities were normal. However, from the second week onwards, many cases of seeing the “small penis” keep growing unwanted, sometimes spontaneously painful, the skin turns bruised, edematous and the penis has a bad odor.

For men with complications from silicone pumps in the penis, if not operated in time, it is very dangerous, even threatening reproductive health and life. After entering the body, silicon will crept, penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue in the penis, causing penis deformation, even necrosis.

At a mere accident level, silicone causes penis deformation, which will cause penile pain, erectile dysfunction, and make it difficult for patients to have sex. The pain makes the patient uncomfortable, the sexual process is very difficult, even causing pain to the partner.

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