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Cuba denounces the US’s intention to isolate diplomacy

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Havana, speaking at an unusual press conference, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parilla accused Washington, as the host country, of being dishonest in inviting countries on the continent to attend. conference, and at the same time put pressure on countries that have opinions against the exclusion of Cuba from this event.

The head of Cuban foreign affairs urged his US counterpart Anthony Blinken to make a clear statement on the matter and stressed that Cuba’s absence, if it happens, will be a serious setback in the history of the meeting. this continent.

Cuba denounces the US's intention to isolate diplomacy - 1

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez speaks at a press conference. (Photo: Le Ha/VNA reporter in Cuba)

On the issue of health cooperation – one of the main topics of the upcoming Summit of the Americas, Minister Rodríguez said that the ongoing negotiations on a joint action program to 2030 were “ambiguous”. ” due to the absence of Cuba and some other members of the American Health Organization (PAHO) – the arm of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the continent.

Also at this press conference, Foreign Minister Rodríguez announced an estimate of the damage caused by the US siege and economic embargo on Cuba over the past 60 years to 150.41 billion USD. According to statistics of Havana, if you include the depreciation of the US dollar against the price of gold in the international market over the past 6 decades, this equivalent loss amounted to more than 1.326 billion USD.

The Cuban Foreign Minister reaffirmed that this hostile policy is the main barrier to economic development and every other aspect of life of the Cuban people. Along with the fact that Washington has never fulfilled its commitment to issue 20,000 visas a year to Cubans under the bilateral immigration agreement, this is the main reason for the wave of irregular migration from Cuba in recent months.

Minister Rodríguez Parrilla reaffirmed Havana’s position that it always supports actions that ensure the orderly, safe and legal flow of migration, and opposes policies that selectively and discriminately prevent migration. treated through agreements and actions that are not transparent.

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