Explosive moments of Light Up Vietnam music festival

Light Up Vietnam Music Festival – a spectacular party of music, technology and lighting brought an unforgettable Saturday night to more than 15,000 spectators at Gia Dinh Stadium, HCMC.

15,000 spectators, 3 million online views and more than 800,000 netizen watched the Light Up Vietnam concert held by VPBank in Ho Chi Minh City at the same time. Ho Chi Minh City on the evening of April 23. No music event has achieved such staggering numbers in the past three years.

Spectacular stage set a Vietnamese record

Perhaps the biggest impression Light Up Vietnam left on the hearts of 15,000 spectators present at the show was the “terrible” level of the concert stage. With a length of 110m and a height of up to 30m, the Light Up Vietnam stage occupies an entire stadium, standing like a giant wall of light, much larger than imagined.

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The centerpiece of the stage is a cube that simulates 3D effects, shaped by more than 2000m of LED Matrix – a recently developed light technology, distinguished by its ability to emit 16 million colors, providing immersive experiences. rare voyeurism.

In addition, the lighting system of 700 international standard projectors and 200 large-capacity stage speakers from the world’s leading brand D&B AudioTechnik has the function of shaping, moving, effects, timing according to music…increased. add experiences that “liberate” all senses, making the audience ecstatic and intoxicated with each performance.

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This super quality stage of Light Up Vietnam has set a new Vietnam record: “The biggest music festival using Lighting show technology combined with LED matrix technology has the largest scale in Vietnam”. Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Ngoc – General Secretary of the Vietnam Book of Records read the decision and presented the record certificate directly on stage to Mr. Pham Phu Khoi – Deputy General Director of VPBank – representative of the event organizer. submit.

We Are The Family – thank you for overcoming hardships together

Right from the opening minutes, Light Up Vietnam hosted an explosive performance called We Are The Family, performed by the Gen Z trio My Anh – Hoang Dung – GDucky and 16 children. With the message of honoring the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection, towards prosperity, We Are The Family is both a greeting and a thank you from VPBank to everyone for being resilient and united. stay strong together after the pandemic.

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Three different voices and three distinct styles that seemed to have nothing in common brought an emotional performance. Music director Huy Tuan revealed that the reason he chose Hoang Dung, My Anh, and GDucky to open the show was because all three are very talented young people of Gen Z who possess positive energy and great ambition. The three young stars are the ambassadors for the spirit of “Light Up Vietnam” that VPBank wants to convey: each individual “shining” in their own way will light up a prosperous Vietnam.

The brilliant fireworks display “lights up” the spirit of the city’s youth

From the end of 2020 until now, the audience in Ho Chi Minh City has only been able to see the brilliant fireworks lighting up the city’s sky. The mid-range fireworks that lit up the sky at Gia Dinh Stadium were “exploded” in one of the most expensive moments, when three youth idols Toc Tien, Erik and GDucky performed the song “Let’s shine” shining”.

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This is the official song of Sea Games 31 composed by music director Huy Tuan and is also the big message that Light Up Vietnam wants to send to the audience. “No matter who you are, what age you are, what field you work in, as long as your torch burns brightly, you have aspirations and dreams, all will be with Light up Vietnam – For a sustainable prosperous Vietnam. stable” – MC Phi Linh shared in the program.

Not only a great music festival, Light Up Vietnam is also an important mark in the big campaign “Light Up Vietnam” of green bank, marking the new brand positioning with the mission “For a prosperous Vietnam” has just been declared by VPBank in early April.

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“Along with activities such as lighting up iconic buildings across the country, giving passbooks to orphans because of Covid-19, free medical examination and treatment for poor small businesses in many provinces and cities across the country. .., we hope that the “Light Up Vietnam” concert will spread the meaning of the new prosperity values ​​that VPBank pioneered to the community, thereby arousing the desire to conquer the heights. new in every young Vietnamese.” – VPBank representative said.

Quality line-ups and performances that awaken all the senses

Light Up Vietnam takes the audience through a range of emotions from emotional, profound to crazy drunk, “burning” to the fullest.

Hoang Dung returned to the right image of a “muse” with a romantic style. Rapper GDucky “burns up” the stage with powerful energy. Erik, the champion of The Heroes, created many unforgettable moments when singing with thousands of spectators below. And Toc Tien brings a hot “spice” that attracts all eyes with a classy live voice.

Two stars Ho Ngoc Ha and Ha Anh Tuan, a vibrant and brilliant person, a deep and romantic person, closed the emotional music party. The divine fan-chants, the audience’s bright smiles, and more than 3 million views of the livestream and social media shares during the show’s duration are great cheers for the effort.” Light Up Vietnam”.


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