F0 is scared to leave the market, Fn shuts down the holiday app early, eyes can’t see, heart doesn’t hurt!

The afternoon session of the stock market on April 25, 2022 is probably the most memorable milestone in the past 1 year for investors – especially individual investors. At one point, the VN-Index fell more than 80 points, “piercing” the threshold of 1,300 points. On many forums and groups of doctors, there is a trend to call for abandoning the market, shutting down the app for early holidays.

3 weeks of “destiny” and confiding F0

The three weeks of April 2022 have brought many emotions for investors and mostly depressed mood. The market continuously recorded red and blue colors. In many consecutive sessions, the number of floor stocks was twice the number of advancers. Particularly, in the afternoon session on April 25, the number of losers on all 3 exchanges dominated with 868 losers, including 240 stocks that fell to the floor, nearly 3 times higher than gainers of 215.

Fo and Fn: What to do with your stock account after the April 25 session - Photo 1.

Most individual investors on the stock market have lost 20%-40% in the past 2 weeks. Regardless of speculative or fundamental codes, penny, midcap or bluechips all share the same fate of red and blue. In general, in the past week, in 15 minutes of ATC (order matching session to close) there was a massive sell-off of investors. Even a large number of “witnesses” took advantage of the rare moments when the market had sold all of their securities, including investors with a “hold to die” spirit. hold to death).

Ms. Thanh Ha, an investor who just started her F0 career at the beginning of this year, just “eaten a few codes” collapsed right in the hole at the end of January, expressing: “Seeing friends invite each other to play together, showing off their profits since January. last year, thinking forever determined to invest. I have put all of my family’s one-year savings into thinking it’s better than saving it. Who knew, now it’s not even.”

The stocks that Ms. Ha is currently holding have lost a lot. In particular, there is a code that she entered when the price was “swinging to the top” (mid-January) and still “can’t see the edge” after 3 months, the whole account is losing 40%. She said: “I will try to wait. The market recovers, I just need to reduce my loss to 20%, accept to lose the rest, I will withdraw and not go back to investing in securities anymore.

“What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t hurt”

Another veteran investor, with 7 years of experience in the stock market, Mr. Thanh in Bac Giang shared that in his many-year career as a witness, he had also experienced many “dark sessions”, as well as somewhat familiar with the market turbulence. However, in recent days, it really made him want to “turn off the board” because it was “too painful”.

Experienced, well-invested – read charts, technical analysis, cut loss and play discipline, but Mr. Thanh’s account still evaporated 30%. All profits at the end of 2021 are also gone. Mr. Thanh’s investment basket has the presence of 2 stocks in the group of large-cap stocks, which are the group that fell deeply right from the beginning of the session on April 25.

However, Mr. Thanh said, the market will go down and recover. His action was just to “turn off the board”, and leave early. In his opinion, “after a serious illness” Vietnam’s stock market will need a long time to recover – about 3-4 months, to be able to return to the peak above 1500 points as before. Investors are just waiting.

In accordance with the strategy, he has not opened an account for 2 days now, even though he still holds the information (indirectly). He thinks that is the best solution at the moment: “To eat well and sleep well, don’t take the initiative to sell when you don’t know where the bottom is”.

And with a large loss like the April 25 session, the owners of many “burnt-out” accounts urged each other to leave the market in some groups. thousand people concluded: “June 15, 2021 entered the stock market. April 25, 2022 left the market before even celebrating 1 year old”. no-those-thi-tim-not-dau-2022042517330373.chn


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