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Features that are expected to appear on iOS 16

Manage notifications

It is rumored that iOS 16 will drastically improve the way notifications work, but the details of how that will change are still quite vague. Some speculate that notifications in iOS 16 will offer better and more grouping options. Other rumors suggest that there will be improvements with Actionable notifications – notifications that allow users to respond without having to launch the respective app.

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iOS 16 is expected to be announced in June

Focus Mode improvements

Focus Mode is a feature introduced with iOS 15 allows users to manage the apps and notifications they want to see in order to focus on a specific task without being distracted from other apps. For example, users can set up a Work Mode that temporarily filters out notifications from apps like ESPN or Tinder. With iOS 16, Apple is expected to introduce more customizations to Focus Mode.

Upgrade your AR/VR . experience

This is one of the interesting iOS 16 predictions that have nothing to do with the iPhone. Specifically, iOS 16 may include some hardware references related to Apple’s AR/VR mixed reality headset rumored to launch in 2023.

According to journalist Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter, Apple may also show a demo of the headset’s rOS operating system at WWDC. This seems unlikely, but if it is true, this will be a much-awaited surprise.

New health features

Multiple reports suggest that some health tracking features will be expanded with iOS 16, specifically enhanced sleep monitoring and medication management tools. According to Gurman, Apple has been developing a medication management tool that allows users to scan their vials into the app. The software will monitor compliance and remind users to take medication.

Car accident detection

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 models will have a new auto accident detection feature that will allow the iPhone to detect when a collision has occurred and automatically dial emergency services. The feature will probably get software support with iOS version 16.

Emergency satellite feature

According to rumors, Apple is planning to add a satellite-based emergency feature to iPhone 14 models, this feature will be supported in iOS 16. Accordingly, the iPhone will be able to send messages in situations emergency when there is no mobile network.

Greater utility

Rumors coming from @ accountLeaksApplePro Apple announced that Apple will launch a new type of large widget called InfoShack that can contain several small widgets inside that users can interact with including music, stopwatch, flashlight, Apple TELEVISION…

Support equipment

Apple is quite “generous” when it comes to ensuring that new versions of iOS run on older iPhone models. But running new software on old hardware can have its pros and cons. Reports that iOS 16 will not support iPhone 6s and earlier devices.

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