Funi Academy: Accompanying you on the path of entrepreneurship

Potentially advanced model in the business field

According to a report by Accenture, the value of shopping transactions via social networking platforms globally will reach $1.2 trillion by 2025, nearly three times higher than the current $492 billion. FuniMart is proud to be one of the pioneers for the Dropshipping model in Vietnam when the trend of shopping on community platforms is growing. Launched in the midst of a complicated epidemic, FuniMart has touched the job search needs of many unemployed workers with the 3K principle – No capital, no import, no shipping. After only 5 simple steps of registration, users will become FuniMart’s collaborators and enjoy commissions with each order made up to 60% of the order value.

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The ecosystem brings a lot of value to the community

It can be said that FuniMart is an ecosystem of diverse sources of goods with more than 2000+ reputable suppliers, more than 50,000+ products spoiled for choice, listed for sale at factory prices. Above all, all products at FuniMart are listed at wholesale prices and with full information on goods as well as clear and safe product origins. , promptly respond to the needs and desires of customers as quickly as possible.

FuniMart is also accompanying hundreds of suppliers who are traditional manufacturers and distributors, helping them transform themselves into e-commerce to catch up with the rapid development of current online shopping trends. The platform has become an effective distribution channel that helps suppliers reach customers in all provinces and cities across the country, ensure the entire sales operation stage, and only charge costs when the goods are sold successfully.

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Not only FuniMart but also Funi Academy

FuniMart’s future plan not only continues to promote product and service optimization activities to develop this Dropshipping model to a diverse audience of CTVs, connecting suppliers and partners, but also wishes become the rear, a solid resource for young Vietnamese to make their dreams come true. That’s why Funi Academy was born, not only as a place to train courses on e-commerce, providing true – or – practical knowledge about the floor (Lazada, shopee) but also a pillow guide for You are new to business in the field of e-commerce floor.

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Mr. Nguyen Hieu Liem – Co-Founder of FuniMart shared: The difficulty of new entrepreneurs is having little capital, little practical knowledge and no leader in the start-up process. This leads to easily discouraged, easy to give up. Besides, finding a dedicated and dedicated leader in the age of confusing information technology is also a difficult problem.

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“The Covid-19 epidemic recently has led to the trend of “online shopping” to the throne, the number of consumers choosing to buy goods online instead of going directly to the store increases. Seeing the potential that this trend brings to online business, we decided to invest in FuniMart, an e-commerce platform Dropship with zero capital. Very suitable for people who have lost their jobs or have low income such as students, office workers, housewives,… Because we understand very well that, for those who are just starting out the path business in general and e-commerce business in particular have knowledge blind spots that are difficult to overcome without finding a true teacher and a place willing to act as a startup incubator. Funi Academy was born with the mission of becoming a Vietnamese startup incubator, bringing knowledge, accompanying self-made entrepreneurs on the journey to increase income and improve quality of life.


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