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Girlfriend loves seriously but doesn’t want to get married and have children

I now let go of my emotions, let myself be immersed in this love. Hope the feelings can be big enough to change your girlfriend’s opinion.

You and I have been together for half a year. I don’t want to get married, have children, this point of view I knew when I started this love story. But I’m quite confused about this relationship, I don’t know what you see me as. She confirmed she will love for a long time, I also see the seriousness in her until now. We also plan to live together (just the two of us) in the future. Since knowing my girlfriend’s point of view, my feelings for her have not diminished. We always take advantage of the free time to be together.

>> I just love love, don’t want to get married

I frankly share my opinion, I want to fall in love and go with my emotions, and have not thought too far into this relationship, whatever comes will come. Supposedly, in the future, if I go further, marriage is just a commitment in terms of legal documents for me. Many newlyweds also separate quickly, so not getting married is fine. But I think it’s still a good idea to have children, more or less help to bond and cultivate more affection between the two. In terms of material conditions, we can completely raise a child well, I also see myself as a responsible person.


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