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HAGL’s sumptuous party brings great motivation to Vietnamese football

Participating in the Asian arena, clubs are allowed to use up to 4 foreign soldiers. But in the 1-1 draw against Jeonbuk in the second leg AFC Champions LeagueHAGL’s starting lineup only used 3 foreign players, sometimes there were only 2 on the field. However, HAGL had many times still kicking at the feet of the defending champion Korea.

This is a bright spot that few people notice. Maybe the current capacity of HAGL’s foreign players is not as expected, so coach Kiatisak has to “store” less on the bench and this is an undeniable disadvantage of HAGL. But it was an opportunity for the domestic players and they performed above expectations.

In addition to the familiar names Van Toan, Cong Phuong, Hong Duy, Van Thanh, Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh, Huu Tuan, Minh Vuong, goalkeeper Tuan Linh all played right or better than their strength, HAGL also introduced a lot of faces. ability to shine: midfielder Le Huu Phuoc, born in 2001, student of Course 3 of HAGL JMG Academy Arsenal.

HAGL's sumptuous party brings great motivation to Vietnamese football - photo 1

HAGL’s joy


Although there has been no victory in the 2022 AFC Champions League, but after 4 matches, despite facing very strong clubs of 3 countries Soccer Asia’s leading players have been in the World Cup Finals many times such as Korea (Jeonbuk FC), Japan (Yokohama FC), Australia (Sydney FC), but HAGL played very fair, very balanced when playing in doubles. against all opponents. Even with better luck, HAGL earned more points and got a better position instead of just 2 points and 3rd place in Group H above Sydney and behind Jeonbuk, Yokohama.

HAGL's sumptuous party brings great motivation to Vietnamese football - photo 2

Van Toan plays very actively


Like the 2 matches against Jeonbuk, the first leg HAGL lost immediately in the last minute of injury time, otherwise HAGL would have had 1 point, and maybe more if HAGL players took advantage of the opportunity to convert to a goal. .

And, last night’s second leg, April 25, HAGL played explosively. Many people were worried when HAGL conceded an early goal from the 18th minute. HAGL fans’ fear was obvious because at the time of scoring, Jeonbuk was the leader of the group, Jeonbuk was not only the defending champion but also the defending champion. There are also 8 Korean championships with the first time in 2009, 4 times won the Korean National Cup, 2 times won the AFC Champions League.

HAGL's lavish party brings great motivation to Vietnamese football - photo 3

Xuan Truong dribbled past Gustavo


However, the boys of the Mountain Town made Jeonbuk’s legs panic at times. That was when the ball was under his control, the Korean defender took the initiative to let the ball roll to the end of the field because he thought the ball touched the HAGL player’s feet. This misjudgment made Jeonbuk take a corner right after HAGL equalized 1-1.

Remind this detail to recall the intense pressure HAGL has imposed on Jeonbuk. HAGL’s beautiful football philosophy, attacking football as a defense, not only speeds up the game, but also surprises the opponent. HAGL’s 16 shots into the opponent’s goal compared to Jeonbuk’s 9 reflected HAGL’s dominant game even though Cong Phuong and his teammates only had 42.1% of possession time.

HAGL's sumptuous party brings great motivation to Vietnamese football - photo 4

Hong Duy has a fair dispute with Jeonbuk’s tall striker


HAGL’s equalizer best reflected the attacking beauty of their entire pitch: defender Huu Tuan bravely won the ball from the foot of Jeonbuk player, from the middle of the field, Tuan accelerated to push the ball 2 more beats and real showed a pass right in the middle of the gap, tearing Jeonbuk’s defense to Van Toan. Van Toan, the son of “God of the Wind” “surfed” on the grass, overcame the fierce pursuit of the opponent’s central defenders, and when he was one step faster, even though he lost his position, Toan managed to shoot the net. Jeonbuk.

A goal, a delicious dish in the sumptuous party that HAGL entertained the fans.

HAGL's sumptuous party brings great motivation to Vietnamese football - photo 5

Midfielder Kim Dong-su stops his compatriot in Jeonbuk shirt


With the draw against Jeonbuk 1-1, HAGL showed that although the squad was not deep enough, the foreign soldiers were not good enough, there was not enough force to rotate before the competition density of 3 days/match, but the students of Coach Kiatisak demonstrates very high determination with the spirit of not giving up. Up to now, they have not shown any signs of weakness even though they have to work continuously, which is commendable. Even more commendable, with what has been shown in the AFC Champions League, HAGL has made all three clubs representing 3 countries have outstanding potential. Vietnamese football must respect, at the same time HAGL has also brought joy and satisfaction to the fans.

HAGL's sumptuous party brings great motivation to Vietnamese football - photo 6

Huu Tuan played well


Following the success at the national team level when the Vietnamese team left a good impression with the best achievement in the national football calendar: reaching the final round of the tournament. 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia; Now at the club level, HAGL has continued to leave a good impression on Vietnamese football because up to this point, no Vietnamese club has left a very impressive, very strong mark. strong, very beautiful in the AFC Champions League like HAGL.

This is a positive signal, a motivation, and an opportunity with all the factors of time, location, and harmony for Vietnamese football to develop synchronously!

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