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Heartbreaking clip of a child riding a bicycle from the exit to the main road being rammed by a car

April 26, 2022 14:49 GMT+7

The clip recorded by the security camera of a roadside house of the accident that happened at 9:25 am on the morning of April 24 is spreading on social networks, attracting the attention of netizens.

According to the clip, on the very beautiful paved road, one side is a rice field and the other is a house. After two men had just walked from the alley on a motorbike to the street, the car horn sounded continuously in the distance. In a small alley, a boy wearing an orange shirt rides a bicycle to the beginning of the alley. However, instead of slowing down and stopping to watch, I drove straight from the alley to the other side of the street. At that moment, the oncoming truck did not have time to brake, knocking the child away a few meters on the road.

Heart-stopping clip of a child riding a bicycle from the alley to the main road being rammed by a car
Image cut from clip

Hearing the noise after the accident and the baby’s cry, people in the house rushed to the street to help the baby up. Fortunately, after the frontal impact of the truck, the baby struggled to get up and only suffered software injuries.

The clip recording the above accident situation quickly spread across social networking sites, attracting tens of thousands of shares, emotions and comments from netizens.

Many people congratulated the driver and the baby for being so lucky in this situation, and once again the lesson of awareness education for children when participating in traffic was mentioned by netizens:

I’m so scared, the children go like this, how can the drivers handle it in time. In this case, you guys have to shoulder the burden. The number of children is so lucky”;

“Whether it’s a child or an adult coming out of a fork, be careful to go slowly and observe a bit. Fortunately, the baby only suffered minor injuries, but there won’t be a second chance like that”;

“Everyone has children. But hopefully the child’s parents and the driver behave calmly and civilly. This error cannot be blamed on the driver. Whoever it is, this situation cannot be handled”;

“The car horns before the whole section, even if 10 drivers can’t help it, I can’t help it”;

“Fortunately, the car doesn’t have any goods or carries the right load, but if it’s not an overloaded truck, I can’t imagine what will happen. Parents should constantly remind their children about the lesson of participating in the delivery. normally, their children are playful or forgetful, so they need to give lessons like this to them to remember”;

“Everyone, please pay attention to look after and teach your children. The more strict you are, the more help you will be. Letting children go like that often causes suffering to others and to themselves.”

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH

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