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Hot girl volleyball is taller than Thanh Thuy at 13 years old, expected to set a record

Tran Thi Thanh Thuy, 1m93 tall owner born in Binh Duong is one of the best owners of Vietnamese women’s volleyball. The smasher with a jumping range of 3m15 is currently the exemplary captain of Vietnamese women’s volleyball, the “leader” in the journey to conquer the top position at the 31st SEA Games taking place at home from May 6. until May 23.

Hot girl volleyball is taller than Thanh Thuy when she is 13 years old, is expected to set a record - Photo 1.

Quynh Huong (the tallest) is expected by domestic fans to become the “new Thanh Thuy”

With outstanding physique, and effective soccer skills, Thanh Thuy not only performed in Vietnamese volleyball tournaments and international events, but also became a star when she competed in other national championships. She has been to Thailand, Taiwan (China) and Japan, wherever Thuy “stork” can also show her self-worth.

Thanh Thuy grew up in the colors of VTV Binh Dien Long An club and is now an indispensable star of the Vietnamese team. With volleyball, the first important thing must be the height, then the natural talent and Thuy “stork” is lucky to have both.

Recently on the Fanpage of BTL Women’s Volleyball Club, Information introduced to fans of player Pham Quynh Huong, born in 2008, has a height of 1m85. Quynh Huong has joined the Information Club training center since the beginning of 2020 with a height of 1m80, so remember when Thanh Thuy was 13 years old, she was only 1m78 tall.

With Quynh Huong’s current development momentum, experts believe that the girl born in 2008 can balance her height, or exceed Thanh Thuy’s threshold.

After this information was shared by BTL Information, fans were excited to think about the future talent of Vietnamese volleyball. Quynh Huong is currently less than 14 years old, the young girl still has a lot of time to practice skills and develop her body.

Fans believe that Quynh Huong will make great strides in both physical and talent development, because BTL Information is one of the leading training centers for volleyball players in Vietnam.

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