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How are the ‘calendar photo queens’ 30 years ago living now?

The late 1980s and early 1990s were a golden age of Vietnamese cinema in terms of the number of films produced, the bustle of the cinemas, the box office revenue and the star power. talent. Many stars of this period were also popular calendar photo models. These beauties become “acquaintances of every family”, even for those who rarely watch movies, because their images are present in all kinds of calendars, from tiny pocket calendars to calendars in notebooks, block calendar covers. , wall calendars… Up to now, after many years, the life of the “calendar photo queens” is still very much interested in the public.

Diem My 6x

Diem My is a famous actress and former model of Vietnam in the 80s – 90s of the last century. When she was 15 years old, she was noticed when she acted in movies New page by director Nguyen Ba Tong. The beauty of the heavenly fragrance in Diem My’s full moon makes the audience unable to take their eyes off. A cinematic face helps Diem My continuously have the opportunity to appear in many films such as Years of vengeance, The sound of waves, The secret of the cold city, The cold forest… Although she is not appreciated for her acting ability, she is still a bright star of the screen, expected by the audience because of her outstanding beauty that few people can match.

With a face with perfect Western lines, a tall figure with hot curves and long silky hair, Diem My has both a muse and a very sexy look. She is considered a beauty icon, the first person to be called the “calendar photo queen” of the 1980s. In Diem My’s memory, at that time almost every family hung her calendar photo. Later, when the entertainment industry appeared a series of famous beauties emerging from the instant noodle film series such as Diem Huong, Viet Trinh, Thu Ha…, her position in the field of calendar photos was still not inferior.

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In 1994, Diem My married businessman Ha Ton Duc and “hidden” for 10 years before returning to the screen. After nearly 30 years of marriage, the biggest asset of Diem My and her husband are their two daughters, Thuy My and Que My, both beautiful and talented. Sharing the secret of keeping the “fire” of marriage, Diem My said that for nearly 3 decades, she and her husband still maintain romantic habits such as drinking tea, listening to music and saying affectionate words to each other.

At the age of 60, Diem My is still stunningly beautiful, her regal beauty makes her stand out anywhere, even though she is surrounded by young beauties. She still often appears at entertainment events, and shares information and images about a full and luxurious life with friends and fans.

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Diem My’s family 6x.

Diem Huong

Diem Huong was once considered the “First Vietnamese screen beauty”, the cult idol of the entertainment industry, sought after by directors. When the instant noodle film line was “exploding”, she acted continuously, the name and image of Diem Huong were always present on the billboards and posters at the cinema. The perfect combination with actor Ly Hung in the movie Pham Cong – Cuc Hoa helped her become a star and then continuously starred, ensuring box office revenue. Diem Huong is also considered as the actress who works best with Ly Hung.

Thanks to her delicate face with pure Vietnamese lines, gentle and dignified Asian style, Diem Huong is the most admired actress in the golden age of instant noodles. Not only “dominating” the screen, she also dominates the covers of magazines, wall calendars, notebooks, decorative photos… Fans hunt for her photos, which photos of hers are released they buy with all for collection.

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So much in love with Diem Huong, the audience was extremely regretful when she decided to retire from the silver screen in the mid-1990s. Since then, the beauty Pham Cong – Cuc Hoa almost completely disappeared from the entertainment industry, keeping information about his life private. Only recently, her image has reappeared in private meetings with friends of artists in the past, but it is also very rare.

According to the little information revealed, Diem Huong is living a happy life with her much older husband and 4 children in Malaysia. Occasionally, she still texts and calls to ask about the health of some friends in Vietnam. In 2010, Diem Huong returned home to participate in a few art projects but did not reveal her image to the audience.

Viet Trinh

Viet Trinh is a different beauty in the movie industry in the 1990s, with slightly dark skin, natural bold eyebrows, sexy thick lips and especially big, knowing eyes. speak to attract the opposite person. She became famous very quickly, became an A-list star when she was less than 20 years old and continuously dominated the big screen.

The instant noodle film series has declined, Viet Trinh’s “hot” level has not decreased as she continues to affirm her talent in the field of dramas with classic works. Tay Do beauty, as Bach Cuc (built from the prototype of the famous intelligence soldier Lam Thi Phan). The title “beautiful Tay Do” has also been associated with Viet Trinh ever since.

Beautiful beauty also helped Viet Trinh become one of the most expensive beauty shows at that time.

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In the late 1990s, after a number of personal events, Viet Trinh temporarily withdrew from the entertainment industry. In 2008, the beauty born in 1972 returned to artistic activities and tried herself as a film director and producer. When movies are no longer the number one priority, Viet Trinh is a judge on game shows and acts fashion for close designers and spend a lot of time on charity work.

Viet Trinh struggled in love affairs. Currently, she is single, living peacefully with her 13-year-old son. Recently, she announced her retirement to spend more time with her children. “During the pandemic, I see family and children as the most important thing. My son is at puberty, needs his mother by his side more because his mentality is easy to change. I can’t leave him to go to work. I won’t be acting or directing. When I have the opportunity to be a film producer, or shoot beauty programs, if I see it fit, I will join.” confided beauty.

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At the age of U50, Viet Trinh is still very young.

Y Phung

Among the beauties of the instant noodle film series, Y Phung emerges with a fiery, rebellious, and extremely attractive beauty. She was named a sexy icon of the 1990s. In addition to acting, Y Phung is also a familiar singer of many discos or venues. Music at that moment.

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Y Phung is also known as Ly Hung’s one-time lover. However, that admired love did not last long, causing many people to regret. After the instant noodle film series declined, Y Phung moved to the US to settle down and get married. She is living a happy life with her second husband – a businessman – and 5-year-old daughter. Currently, Y Phung is still actively singing and participating in other entertainment activities in the US.

There was a time when Y Phung surprised many audiences with her strange and plump appearance. When she was pregnant with her daughter in 2017, Y Phung gained 20 kg and was still nearly 20 kg overweight after giving birth. Up to now, despite losing weight, the once sexy icon has not regained her previous standard shape. Looking back at the pictures of her brilliant youth, she can’t help but regret it, but also considers it a motivation to exercise and exercise.

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Current image of Y Phung.

People’s Artist Thu Ha

Over the years, people who have seen the movie Long Tri Festival (1989) still can’t forget the clear and pure beauty of the princess Quynh Hoa district. The actor who played this role was People’s Artist Thu Ha, then just 20 years old. Thanks to her outstanding beauty and gentle, feminine demeanor, then People’s Artist Thu Ha continued to be invited to play the role of Miss Quynh Nga in the film. Gold leaf jade. This is also the work that brought her to the star of the Northern film village.

When “Nam Tien” acted in a market film, People’s Artist Thu Ha also quickly achieved success. In the famous cast of this series, Thu Ha is the only face from the North. Beauty and popularity help her expensive photo shows. Along with Diem Huong, Viet Trinh…, Thu Ha became one of the “calendar photo queens” known to every household.

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At the time when the market film line could no longer hold its attraction, People’s Artist Thu Ha returned to work at the Hanoi Drama Theater, mainly working in the theater field. After a long absence from the screen, in 2021 People’s Artist Thu Ha surprised many viewers when she re-appeared with a sharp, formidable role that was different from the previous one in the film. Sunflower against the sun.

In everyday life, People’s Artist Thu Ha is quite tight-lipped Before having a peaceful landing with a businessman over 15 years old, she once “broken the burden” of marriage, when her first son was young. Currently, she is satisfied with a full life with her husband and two good children.

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The ageless beauty of People’s Artist Thu Ha.

At the age of 53, Thu Ha is still the color of the country with her bright eyes and bright smile. The image she shared on social networks made the audience admire, calling her “a beauty without age”.

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