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Huyen Lizzie and Phang Lee have a very “opposite” shirt style.

Huyen Lizzie and Phang Lee are famous best friends.

They not only possess beautiful beauty, but also very “eye-catching” fashion sense. In the summer, Huyen Lizzie and Phang Lee, like many other sisters, are very fond of wearing shirts/blouses. However, the two of them had very different looks. If Brake Lee quite gentle when wearing those two classic summer dresses, Huyen Lizzie looks much more “burnt” with a series of very liberal and seductive outfits.

Huyen Lizzie

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Wearing a shirt in the style of hiding pants is an option that Huyen Lizzie loves very much. With this style, Huyen Lizzie chooses a very “standard” oversized shirt. She also made her look more prominent and youthful by choosing a shirt with a plaid pattern. Finally, to complete the healthy and dynamic look, Huyen Lizzie wore chunky sneakers.

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When not applying the “hidden pants” shirt style, Huyen Lizzie dressed in a different direction, less daring. She combines a shirt with shorts, a half-breasted shirt to create a “playful” outfit. This way of dressing has helped Huyen Lizzie show off her long slender legs.

Huyen lizzie and brake lee - Photo 3.

Recently, Huyen Lizzie showed off her extremely fresh and sweet beauty with short hair, with a blouse + jeans combo. This corset-shaped blouse, covered with floral motifs, is not only fresh and youthful, but also enhances the charm of Huyen Lizzie. The jeans are really the perfect other half of the lovely, outstanding floral blouse.

Brake Lee

Huyen lizzie and brake lee - Photo 4.

Brake Lee also gives a lot of favor to shirts in the summer. However, Phang Lee’s appearance is slightly different from her best friend. She chooses and dresses in a gentle, feminine direction. With a basic white shirt, mixed with jeans, Brake Lee added a shoulder shirt to create a highlight.

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Silk shirts/blouses capture the strong style of Brake Lee. Silk shirts are appreciated for their luxury, super light and cool summer wear. Gu chose the blouse/silk shirt of Phang Lee is also very special. She often wears polka-dotted, plaid or colorful blouses to create a striking, youthful look for the whole outfit.

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The best pants that she mixes with the patterned silk blouse/shirt are black jeans, white shorts or beige wide leg pants to help balance and increase the elegance of the outfit.

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Brake Lee also worked hard to wear elegant white blouse models. This blouse style is feminine and lovely, outstanding enough that Brake Lee just needs to combine with blue jeans, she has completed a beautiful outfit. Combo white blouse + blue jeans is always in fashion with time, you should learn from Brake Lee to apply this summer.

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