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In the Three Kingdoms, only 3 people devoted themselves to the Han Dynasty, including who?

In the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was divided, and heroes everywhere rose up to fight. But these people are all fighting for their own interests and have no real heart with the Han Dynasty.

So, in the Three Kingdoms, who are the people who really care about the Han Dynasty?

In fact, in the Three Kingdoms, there are only 3 people who really care about the Han Dynasty, in which Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo each have only one person.

Firstly, obey Australia

In the Three Kingdoms, only 3 people are devoted to the Han Dynasty: Not Liu Bei, Cao Cao, who is that?  - Photo 1.

Xun Yu is a great god of Cao Cao.

Xun Yu was a scholar and minister of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He is a famous god of Cao Cao, having great merit to help this monarch build a career. Tuan Uc was called by Cao Cao “Wu chi Tu Phong”, in order to compare him with Tu Phong, who in the past helped Han Cao To build his career.

Although serving Cao Cao, Tuan Uu always turned to the Han Dynasty. At first, Tuan Uu sought out the governor of Ky Chau, Vien Thieu, and was recruited. After a while, realizing that Vien Thieu could not do a great job as an assistant to the Han Dynasty, Tuan Uc went to the Eastern District, in Yanzhou to follow Cao Cao in 191.

At that time, Cao Cao was not a powerful person, but he had great merit in the process of conquering Dong Zhuo. In addition, Cao Cao also saved the price in time for Emperor Han Hien, thereby obtaining an important stepping stone for the process of building a career later.

Compared to other vassals at that time, Cao Cao was considered to be still more enthusiastic and loyal to the Han Dynasty.

Because of that, Tuan Uu chose to follow Cao Cao, hoping to support and help the Han family.

With the addition of Tuan Uc and the recruitment of many talents, Cao Cao’s power is growing rapidly. Then, following the advice of Xun Yu, Cao Cao went to welcome Emperor Han Hien back to Xuchang. This is considered an important political move, fundamental to creating the success of Cao Cao and Cao Wei group later.

It was Cao Cao’s principle of serving the son of heaven to command vassals that helped this monarch be considered to be on the side of justice and could attract more talents.

The starting point was loyal and wanted to help the Han family, but as Cao Cao’s strength grew stronger, his ambition also grew. Cao Cao no longer wanted to be a general of the Han Dynasty, but wanted to be king.

The fact that he wanted to claim himself as king also showed Cao Cao’s intention to rob the Han Dynasty. This made Tuan Uu angry and disappointed because he did not expect that Cao Cao’s support of the Han Dynasty for so long was just a guise. It is this that has created an increasingly large and acute conflict between Tuan Uu and Cao Cao.

As a result, Tuan Uc died suddenly in 212 at the age of 50. Regarding the mysterious death of Tuan Uc, many people believe that this talented strategist was forced to die by Cao Cao.

Second, Zhuge Liang

In the Three Kingdoms, only 3 people are devoted to the Han Dynasty: Not Liu Bei, Cao Cao, who is that?  - Photo 2.

Zhuge Liang wholeheartedly supported Liu Bei and the great cause of Han Dynasty revival.

In addition to Cao Wei’s Xun Yu, Zhu’s Zhuge Liang is also one of the few people devoted to the Han family. Zhuge Liang is considered to be one of the most outstanding strategists in the Three Kingdoms.

After Cao Cao was proclaimed king in 216, Zhuge Liang also persuaded Liu Bei to take the throne, wholeheartedly supporting the ruler of Shu Han against Cao Wei with the banner of Han Dynasty revival.

The fact that Zhuge Liang persuaded Liu Bei to declare himself emperor, although ostensibly opposed to the Han emperor, was reasonable in the circumstances at that time. Because, after Cao Cao’s death, in October 220, Cao Phi deposed Emperor Han Hien to usurp the Han dynasty, and became the first emperor of Cao Wei, Emperor Cao Wei.

On the other hand, Liu Bei always claimed to be a descendant of the Han dynasty. Therefore, it is reasonable for Liu Bei to proclaim himself emperor in 221.

After that, although Liu Bei was defeated in the battle of Di Lang and died at the White Emperor citadel in 223, Zhuge Liang still never forgot his goal of restoring the Han dynasty.

Zhuge Liang personally led the Shu Han army to conduct the Northern Expedition campaign. Unfortunately, the prime minister of Thuc Han fell seriously ill and died suddenly at Ngu Truong mound in 234 when the Northern Expedition campaign and the Han dynasty revival were still unfinished.

Third, Ton Kien

In the Three Kingdoms, only 3 people are devoted to the Han Dynasty: Not Liu Bei, Cao Cao, who is that?  - Photo 3.

Ton Kien was the one who laid the foundation for Dong Ngo during the Three Kingdoms period.

In Dong Ngo, in fact most people are not loyal to the Han Dynasty, they are only loyal to their own interests. However, Ton Kien, Ton Quyen’s father, is a special case. At the time when Ton Kien lived, the situation of the Eastern Han Dynasty had not completely collapsed, so this talented general was still very loyal to the Han Dynasty.

During the time when the god Dong Zhuo controlled the Han court, not all vassals wanted to fight Dong Zhuo. Because only when the world is in turmoil will they have the opportunity to become stronger and gain benefits. But in this group there are two different people. Those are Cao Cao and Ton Kien. Both fought hard, even recklessly, to put down the rebellion of Dong Zhuo and rescue the emperor of the Han Dynasty.

While Cao Cao later went against his original goal of supporting the Han Dynasty, Ton Kien remained loyal to this dynasty until his death.

In 191, when the alliance of vassals fell into discord and turned to fight each other, while on his way back to Jiangdong, Ton Kien fought with the army of the governor of Kinh Chau, Luu Biao. Unfortunately, Ton Kien was hit by an arrow and died in the process of pursuing the enemy in Hiep Son. That year, this talented general was only 37 years old.

According to records in history books, Ton Kien was considered as a man of good faith, bravery, and loyal to the Han Dynasty.

It was Ton Kien who laid the foundation for his son, Ton Quyen, who founded Dong Ngo during the Three Kingdoms period.

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