Jeff Bezos is angry that Elon Musk owns Twitter

Bloomberg reports, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has just posted a provocative question after Elon Musk closed the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter: Will this create difficulties for Tesla in China?

In a series of tweets, Bezos drew attention to Tesla’s proximity to China, which is the world’s largest electric vehicle market and home to the company’s first overseas mega-factory. About half of the company’s cars globally last year were made at the Shanghai plant, and Musk says that number is likely to double.

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“There is an interesting question. Will the Chinese government gain any influence over Twitte?”

“My answer to this question is no. The result of this has to do with Tesla’s China complexity rather than Twitter censorship.”

Representatives for Musk did not immediately respond to comment on the matter.

Musk has successfully acquired Twitter and holds in his hand the desire to create the environment of free speech as desired. However, like many other American social networking platforms, Twitter is still banned in China.

Tesla has flourished in China thanks to price support, cheap loans and other support since operating there. Last year, however, the company came under intense pressure when state media and regulators questioned Tesla’s attitude toward customers.

For 15 years, the two richest people on the planet, and the two CEOs of the most powerful companies in the world, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, have always faced each other vehemently, especially in the space sector.

The two share the same ambition to conquer space and set up businesses that are direct rivals with each other when Elon Musk runs SpaceX and Jeff Bezos owns Blue Origin. But it didn’t stop there: Musk called Bezos running a monopoly and even singled out Bezos as a copycat.

Recently, the two often confront each other publicly on social networks such as Twitter. When Bezos posted a video praising Blue Origin after the company successfully landed the New Shepard rocket in 2015. Immediately, Musk confirmed. SpaceX did just that three years ago.

The beginning is not limited to space ambitions. Musk accused Blue Origin of trying to win SpaceX employees multiple times.

“Blue Origin conducts precision ‘attacks’ on specialized talent by offering double the existing salary. I consider it unnecessary and quite rude to do so,” Musk told the person. wrote a biography of Ashlee Vance in 2015. Musk even further revealed that SpaceX included the words “blue” and “origin” in the email filter.

When asked by a BBC reporter about Bezos in 2016, Musk replied: “Which Jeff?”.

Elon Musk also often calls Jeff Bezos a copycat

For his part, Bezos showed little hatred for Musk and SpaceX, but instead made many insinuations about the rival’s plans, especially Musk’s biggest ambition is to send people to live on Mars. .

Bezos often talks about sending a man to the Moon and describes the idea of ​​going to Mars as “lack of motivation.” “Try to live on Mount Everest for a year and see if you like it, because it can be considered a paradise compared to Mars,” said the Blue Origin boss in 2019. When introducing Blue Moon, Bezos also suggested mentions SpaceX’s Mars ambitions with the words “far, far away”.

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