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Jennie BlackPink wears a knitted camisole showing off her bare back very boldly

Every time she travels to the West, the “living Chanel” Jennie BlackPink makes netizens wide-eyed with daring outfits.

At fashion week Paris Fashion Week early March 2022, Jennie Kim attracted the attention of many international photographers with a series of luxurious red and black outfits. Next, the female Kpop icon “stormed” with a pink crop top showing her breasts at Jacquemus’ show in Hawaii.

Jennie shows off her sexy bare back, the last photo surprised fans

Recently, a hot girl born in 1996 has just released a series of extremely burning photos when attending a music festival Coachella in U.S.A. Many fans quickly realized that the “living Chanel doll” joined the enthusiastic crowd enjoying the vibrant music, bouncing around and swaying to the beat of the music.

Quickly caught the eye of the “crosswalk team”, Jennie BlackPink made fans “faint up and down” with the most daring outfit ever. Initially, there were blurred moments from behind but still made netizens admire, low quality photos but high quality beauty of the female singer. Jennie then put on PepperPepper’s black and white jacket to create a mischievous outfit. Not only performing on stage, but also as an audience, Kpop idol beauty is always attractive and shining.

Jennie braided her hair on both sides, tied a white ribbon with a youthful momentum like a teen girl. In particular, the camisole only covered the front, knitted the back string showing off her sexy bare back, mixed with Dickies’ loose pants, indescribably suitable. The group of Gen Z girls who wanted to “flip the trend” Jennie quickly found this tiny shirt with just a handkerchief, a product of the Marine Serre brand, which is currently being hunted for “sold out”.

Recently, Jennie has been promoting the style of wide-leg khaki pants with a box and a youthful and healthy sweatshirt. The leading “trend maker” in Korean showbiz exudes fashionista aura even when wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, showing off the tiny ant waist.

Besides the youngest member, BlackPink is Lisa Changing her “flashy” hairstyle, Jennie also changed her hair to a light color after a long time of dark hair like brown and black. Obviously, the bright red-orange blonde hair makes the beauty’s appearance look more trendy and playful.

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