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Johnny Depp: I am a victim of domestic violence

Actor Johnny Depp confirmed that he was the one who was abused by his ex-wife – actress Amber Heard, but did not beat her as alleged.

End of the last day Johnny Depp gave testimony, a recording of an argument between the actor and Amber Heard when they were still together was played in court.

Amber says in it: “Tell the world Johnny, tell them that I – Johnny Depp, a man who is also a victim of domestic violence.”

Johnny Depp’s lawyer asked the actor: “What did he say in response to Miss Heard?“, the actor immediately answered in court:I’m right, I’m a victim of domestic violence.”

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Johnny Depp asserted in court that he was a victim of domestic violence. Photo: Reuters

During 4 days of giving testimony and confronting Amber Heard’s lawyer, Johnny Depp denied all allegations that he had abused the actress. Star Pirates of the Caribbean admits to being addicted to alcohol, drugs and being angry with Amber during that period but insists he never hit her.

Johnny said it was Amber who threw the bottle of wine and cut off his finger during an argument in Australia in 2015, not he broke the phone and cut his hand and was violent as she alleges.

At the trial on April 25, Amber’s lawyer gave messages Johnny sent to his close friend – actor Paul Bettany – in which the actor wrote that he wanted to drown and bury Amber alive.

Johnny explained he was embarrassed by the messages but said it was just “a sense of humor” to get through the dark stuff. “The important thing is they’re never the real intention… It’s just irreverent and abstract humor.” Johnny said.

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Amber Heard in court. Photo: Reuters

Several other recordings – once recorded by the couple for therapy – were also played during the trial, showing Johnny Depp’s tense, tumultuous relationship with his wife. Amber Heard.

In an audio clip, Johnny talks about ending their marriage: “Leaving is necessary. Otherwise it will just be a bloodbath. Like being on an island… It’s just not worth it.”. Amber replies that no one wants to choose a bloodbath but she wants to settle things.

The defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is a third of the way there. The two presently present a lot of evidence accusing the other of abuse, from text messages, audio files, videos, photos… Their former assistants, doctors, and colleagues were also called as witnesses.

Johnny Depp sues Amber for $50 million over an article she wrote in the newspaper The Washington Post December 2018, where Amber wrote that she was a victim of domestic violence. Amber did not mention Johnny Depp’s name in the article, but the actor thought that his ex-wife was referring to him.

Johnn said that after the article was published, he was cut off by Disney from his contract to continue working on the brand Pirates of the Caribbean and his career was seriously damaged.

Amber responded that Johnny’s career had gone downhill before this article and she is now suing Johnny for defamation for $100 million.

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