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Light Up Vietnam Music Festival organized by VPBank successfully conquers young people

State-of-the-art performance technology

Young people today are a generation that eats, sleeps and lives in technology. And Light Up Vietnam is exactly a party of top performing technology. Right from the form of issuing free QRcode tickets via VPBank NEO app to checking-in events with just a smart phone, Light Up Vietnam has shown that this is a standard event for young people.

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The organizers have invested in a giant stage that occupies the entire length of a stadium, the same height as an 8-9 storey building, where the most modern technologies in lighting, sound and presentation are used. theatrical performances are applied to the maximum.

More than 700 lights, 200 sound speakers, fire effects from flares, flares, rotating cannons to mid-range fireworks, and especially the 2,000 meter Led matrix system – the most modern lighting technology today. capable of displaying up to 16 million colors, controlled by specialized software and hardware, delivered a stunning performance for even young people who are already familiar with the giant stages of international stars. economic.

I was really surprised by the stage of Light Up Vietnam. From the light to the sound and the concept, the performances are all too good and awesome. Thank you very much for the program“- friend Tue Nam (22 years old, HCMC) shared.

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It is known that all performances at the concert have been simulated and adjusted by the crew with 3D technology to bring the most uplifting moments. The feat of the BTC has brought the festival a new Vietnamese record: “The largest-scale concert using Lighting show technology combined with Led matrix technology in Vietnam”.

Line-up with the correct “code” of Vietnamese young people

As a generation of global citizens, exposed to world music from an early age, music faiths have a variety of choices but are also strict in their taste for art. The favorite artists of today’s youth are often individuals who possess a civilized artistic ego, with serious musical products, personality and positive energy.

Light Up Vietnam gathers a line-up with the right “code” for young audiences according to the concept of “interference” with the appearance of many generations of singers, with many different music styles. From “seniors and seniors” like Ha Anh Tuan and Ho Ngoc Ha to young Gen Z artists like Hoang Dung and My Anh. From the entertainment queen with vibrant dance songs like Ho Ngoc Ha, to the “music of kindness” Ha Anh Tuan, or the cool beat-shooting rapper GDucky.

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In addition, the selected singers all possess positive energies, are “the more polished the brighter” pearls such as Ha Ho, Toc Tien, Erik or artists with great ambitions in the profession, bringing to quality and unique music products such as GDucky, Hoang Dung, My Anh, and Ha Anh Tuan.

The quality line-up has brought overwhelming performances from visual concepts to new mixes that have exploded both at the stadium and online livestream channels. Statistics after the program recorded that up to 800,000 netizen simultaneously watched the show directly on digital platforms, bringing the total online viewing number up to 3 million times, a staggering number for even the organizers.

Music events with a good purpose

Not just an ordinary music event, Light Up Vietnam is part of VPBank’s rebranding campaign to spread the bank’s new mission: “For a prosperous Vietnam”.

“Along with activities such as giving out savings books to orphans because of COVID-19, free medical examination and treatment for poor small businesses in many provinces and cities across the country… we organized the Light Up Vietnam music festival. With the expectation that the event will be an energy source to spread new life values, new inspiration, arousing ambitions and aspirations among young people towards building a more prosperous Vietnam in the future”. VPBank representative shared.

Therefore, throughout the program, meaningful musical moments are interwoven. That is the opening song We Are The Family performed by the trio GDucky, My Anh, Hoang Dung, sending the message of confidence, solidarity to overcome difficulties together towards the future; is the SEAGames theme song “Let’s Shine” with Toc Tien, Erik and GDucky – a call for young people to light their own torch or GDucky with the new song “Natural” written by him at the moment. distance due to COVID-19.

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The meaningful song-list and the artists’ sincere sharing about the values ​​of prosperity have received positive responses from the young audience. “Right in the moment when the fireworks exploded after the song “Let’s shine”, I turned to hug my friend, feeling really touched to be here together, to see a beautiful and inspired life. slowly coming back”, said Thanh Huong, a student at RMIT.

It can be said that the Vietnam Light Up Music Festival helps VPBank score strong points with young people as a conscientious, thoughtful and modern brand with a meaningful mission of serving the country, towards good social purposes. pretty.

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