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Loving the sunny day: Mrs. Nga is probably the greatest mother on the Vietnamese screen so far…

In episode 10, another segment between Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy and People’s Artist Minh Hoa continued to bring tears to the audience. Mrs. Nga, as the mother who raised Van Trang – Hoa (Huyen Lizzie) for 26 years, was determined to make an appointment with Mrs. Nhung – the biological mother who abandoned her daughter to stay with strangers, to accept the two mothers. I accept each other.

Shedding tears at the tolerance of Mother Nga

During the talk, Ms. Nga recalled Van Trang’s past stories, important life milestones of her daughter. Mrs. Nga blames Yen for being a parent, no matter how miserable and poor she is, she never leaves her child. Mrs. Nhung’s sins in the past and now, Ms. Nga cannot accept and there is no excuse.

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Mrs. Nga came to see Mrs. Nhung all because of Van Trang. Nga just wants her adopted daughter to always be happy and live happily. If Van Trang gets her biological mother back and has a happier life, Mrs. Nga agrees.

Will Van Trang listen to her adoptive mother to forgive her biological mother?

The performance segment of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy made the audience admire the excellent acting ability of the veteran actress. Every sentence that Nga said was imbued with love and love for her adopted daughter. The way of pressing the lines, the eyes of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy and the tears falling on her cheeks all made the audience unable to stop crying.

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