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Low-cost 4-level house with corrugated iron roof still owns a classy space

The 4-level pipe house with corrugated iron roof is a fairly common type of housing architecture today. When you only have a tight budget of 200 to 500 million and an I-shaped piece of land (characteristic of land in urban areas and residential areas), it is still possible to build a satisfactory, beautiful and comfortable house. Roof for a family of 4-5 people.

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4-level house with beautiful corrugated iron roof with eye-catching and attractive landscape.

Architecture level 4 house is the most popular and suitable house type in urban areas and big cities with limited construction area, especially with limited frontage, narrow house width.

The cost of building level 4 houses is usually lower than other types of houses, with a budget of about 200 – 500 million, homeowners can completely build a beautiful and comfortable 4-level pipe house with corrugated iron roof.

For level 4 houses, in order to save overall construction costs, you should choose to optimize the cost of the roof by roofing with insulating corrugated iron. This is a cheap, durable roofing material that meets the needs of the house against heat.

Level 4 house with simple corrugated iron roof

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The facade does not have too many outstanding details but still has all the components from the roof to the gate, which are relatively harmonious in terms of aesthetics.

This model is designed for families and young couples with little budget. The one-sided sloping roof design makes the house feel taller while still saving maximum material costs. In the back of the house, you can completely design a loft to increase the usable area.

This simple 4-level corrugated iron roof model can meet all the family’s daily needs, with a total basic construction cost of about 300 million.

Level 4 house with fake corrugated iron roof

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The tiled roof is very aesthetic.

Model of a 4-level pipe house with beautiful fake tile roof, widely used. With an estimated construction cost of about 300 million for a house of about 60m2, it is quite suitable for families with an average income in the city.

The feature that makes many people love the 4-level house models with fake corrugated iron roof is not only the traditional beauty identical to the roof tiles, not only the low cost and convenience in construction, but it also brings a warm living space. Worship and happiness for all families.

Level 4 house with corrugated iron roof with attic room

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This design helps to increase the usable area, the corrugated iron roof insulates the house cooler.

With the design of this 4-level tube house with corrugated iron roof, it has a simple but luxurious aesthetic style, optimizing space, creating a spacious feeling for all living needs.

Thai-style roof, 1 bedroom in the loft, using gray corrugated iron and gray insulation to create a highlight and luxury for the roof. The large courtyard design in front is convenient for the different needs of users.

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