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“MC 3 thousand words” wears revealing clothes but is still praised for being delicate-Fashion

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Thanh Huyen is always praised for her unique fashion style.

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MC Thanh Thanh Huyen bold in new design.

Not only possessing a special name, it is easy to impress others Dang Duong Thanh Thanh Huyen, this female MC also has a remarkable hosting ability that can be bilingual with a 3,000-word script and 75 names without looking at the script. Not to mention, Thanh Huyen also has a beautiful and attractive figure that is not inferior to any model or beauty queen in Vbiz.

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With bold designs, it is not easy to wear but still does not make it difficult for this female MC.

With an outstanding height of 1.70m and three charming measurements of 85-61-89 (cm), Thanh Thanh Huyen was very confident in promoting sexy, high-challenging items. Recently, the beautiful Khanh Hoa once again made others praise with her high-handed “dressing up”. She wears a tight-fitting black see-through design, has a bold bust and a short skirt that shows off her full bust and famous 1.1m long legs. With this design that is considered difficult to wear, Thanh Huyen still conquered it quite easily without any fashion errors.

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The female MC once showed off her attractive curves in a swimsuit with an airy design.

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This type of fashion showing off her bare back is very popular with Thanh Huyen.

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With a standard body, this Khanh Hoa beauty is always a pioneer in experimenting with different fashion styles. But it must be admitted that, although daring, she was not criticized for being offensive.

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Bodycon dresses hugging beautiful curves like these contribute a lot in her wardrobe.

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The designs Thanh Huyen chooses always have unique highlights, helping to show off certain strengths of the body.

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Wearing sexy, economical but delicate clothes is something that not everyone can do, even the top famous beauties of Vbiz.

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