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Miss Volleyball Dang Thu Huyen “makeovers” at the Miss Universe contest

Dang Thu Huyen was born in 2002, from Thuong Tin, Hanoi. At the age of 11, she began pursuing a career in volleyball due to the direction of her grandfather.

Participating in youth tournaments from the age of 14, Thu Huyen quickly stood out in the colors of the Lien Viet Postbank Information team because of her beauty and ability to play football. In 2020, when Postbank Information Lien Viet won the National Club Cup youth volleyball tournament, she received the title of the best second pass.

Miss Volleyball Dang Thu Huyen

Dang Thu Huyen once won the title of “Excellent Second Passer” at the Youth Volleyball Tournament. (Photo: NVCC)

However, in 2021, Dang Thu Huyen suddenly announced his retirement. Share with PV Vietnamese peopleshe said it was not a spontaneous decision: “This idea had been in my mind since two years ago, when I was 17 years old and, like everyone else, started to question about I realized that I still have a lot of things to discover in the world out there, while my passion for volleyball is not as great as other teammates, so I decided to dedicate it to my own future. a period of time to consider, choose and come up with a correct answer.”

She also revealed: “As soon as the news of my retirement appeared in the press, many people called me to invite me to participate in beauty contests, but to be honest, I just walked out and I felt a bit… I’m not in a hurry, I need time to think about everything I do. At this point, of course, I really want to discover myself and have more knowledge and collisions in life. not turn down any opportunity that I see fit, not just beauty contests or entertainment gameshows.”

In the introduction at the contest, Dang Thu Huyen affirmed: “Coming to Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, I want to conquer challenges, overcome my limitations and at the same time share the positive spirit. to the community and especially young people like me. I always believe that if we are determined and brave enough, we can do anything.”

Miss Volleyball Dang Thu Huyen

Dang Thu Huyen stands out on the stage of the Miss Universe contest. (Photo: FBNV)

From the first episode of “I am Miss Universe Vietnam 2022”, Dang Thu Huyen showed that she is an outstanding contestant by winning the golden ticket from judge Ha Anh. She is also noticed by experts and viewers with her bright face and outstanding appearance (height 1m76, three-round measurement 84 – 64 – 95 cm). No longer leaving a bare face and wearing healthy sports clothes, Thu Huyen “makes up” and asserts herself as a true beauty in smart dresses. Many viewers predicted that she would win a high rank at this year’s beauty contest.

Miss Volleyball Dang Thu Huyen

In a simple outfit, Thu Huyen still shows off her charming beauty. (Photo: FBNV)

Miss Volleyball Dang Thu Huyen

The face of the 20-year-old girl attracts viewers by her high nose bridge and talking eyes. (Photo: FBNV)

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