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Mistakes when using dietary supplements to treat diabetes

Common mistakes when buying functional foods

Believe that “Diabetic functional foods cure”

Diabetes or diabetes is a chronic disease that progresses silently and worsens over time. Currently, in the world, there is no effective method or method to completely treat diabetes, even according to Eastern or Western medicine.

Choose functional foods of unknown origin

Most of these functional foods are unlicensed, the products do not meet the quality standards as well as the safety standards of the product quality management agencies.

Imported functional foods are always better than domestic products

Many people believe that products made abroad are definitely better than domestic products in terms of quality. This is not necessarily true.

Choose functional foods that have not been clinically tested

Clinical verification is the most important step for any product line when it wants to be marketed and must meet the strict requirements of the competent product quality inspection agencies approved by the regulatory authority. licensing country.

Functional foods are more expensive, the better

Today, the product price is getting further and further away from the actual value of the product. By commercial tricks, marketing tricks, the price of the product is sometimes much higher than the actual value of the product. A product with an expensive price does not necessarily reflect the full value of its benefits to users.

Criteria when buying functional foods

Functional foods are produced from reputable companies

Products manufactured by a reputable company with professional experience, etc. will often bring users good quality product lines.

Monitor blood sugar readings before and after use

There is no better way to know if a product is really helpful for people with diabetes than by using the product itself. And during the process of using that product in parallel with the treatment measures prescribed by the doctor, the patient must always adhere to the indications, the manufacturer’s recommendations and the specific instructions of the doctor. doctor.

Selection of functional foods must be appropriate to the current status of the user

Due to the user’s location, physical condition, physical condition, condition… are not completely the same (Due to climate, living environment, diet, activities, genetic factors, age, gender, etc.) … in each of us is different). Therefore, when using the same functional food, the results in each user may be different, even contradictory. You should consult your doctor before use.

KPH83 Hydration helps reduce the risk of complications from diabetes

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TPBVSK KPH83 Hydration helps reduce the risk of complications from diabetes.

Why use KPH83 products to help reduce the risk of diabetes complications? According to research and analysis by the manufacturer: TPBVSK KPH83 Hydration helps to reduce blood sugar and reduce the risk of complications from diabetes. Raw materials are imported from Korea. KPH83 is formulated in the form of effervescent tablets, which increase absorption and ease of use.

Products are safe, have clear origin, have all the licenses in accordance with regulations. The production process is strictly controlled on a modern technological line that meets WHO GMP standards. In addition, KPH83 is trusted by many people.

What is the difference between KPH83 and other products?

Health food KPH83 Hydration contains ingredients to help increase insulin sensitivity in the body. Support to significantly increase the amount of PPAR gamma, helping to increase the need to use insulin in the cells. KPH83 contains a support ingredient that helps to stimulate the hormone Adiponectin, this hormone is insulin sensitive, increasing the use of insulin in muscle cells and adipose tissue.

In addition, KPH83 contains ingredients that support glucose metabolism, fat metabolism, and blood sugar reduction. Combined with vitamins C, PP, B5, E, B2, B6, B1, Biotin, Folic Acid … to help supplement micronutrients, support resistance for users. The product is trusted by the Vietnamese bone and joint rehabilitation treatment center.

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Inspection papers, product announcement papers, advertising licenses of KPH83.


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