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More than half of VN30 basket was on the floor, VN-Index lost more than 68 points


Close session, VN-Index down 68.31 points to 1,310.95 points. The whole floor had 37 gainers, 443 losers; in which, 176 stocks fell to the floor and 21 stocks remained unchanged. HNX-Index dropped 21.61 points to 337.51 points. The whole floor had 54 gainers, 193 losers; in which, 53 stocks fell to the floor and 33 stocks remained unchanged. UPCoM-Index fell 4.61 points to 99.54 points.

For the whole market, the total matched value reached 22,228 billion dong, down by more than 29% compared to the last session of last week; in which, the matched value on HoSE alone reached 19,576 billion dong, down nearly 27% compared to the last session of last week. Meanwhile, foreign investors continued to net buy more than 900 billion dong on HoSE.

Regarding today’s market movements, there was a time when the VN-Index lost more than 79 points, surpassing the biggest drop in history with 73.23 points recorded on January 19, 2021.

Notably, a series of stocks in the VN30 basket faced strong downward pressure, while the participating demand was weak and cautious. Among them, 16 stocks that fell to the floor BID, BVH, FPT, GAS, GVR… were pulled to the floor, causing VN-Index to close to 1,300 points.

Strong selling pressure today focused on banking group. After the first few minutes of positive trading, most stocks were in red; in which, CTG, VPB, TCB, BID fell to the floor, putting more pressure on the index and the market also lost support. This is also this group that accounted for half of the codes in the top 10 stocks affecting the index today.

Similar to the securities group, most of the stocks representing the industry such as VCI, SSI, VND, HCM, SHS, VDS… were bought by the buyers after the green minutes at the beginning of the session.

Developments in the group real estate, construction showed a bit more positive with stocks that could maintain the green color like FLC, PLA, PVL, SCR, BCM or hit the ceiling like VRC. However, most of the remaining stocks were still under selling pressure and dropped sharply.

The selling force from the market continued to spread to all industries in the market, the group of stocks related to commodity prices such as oil and gas, coal or fertilizer were also under strong selling force with stocks such as DCM, DPM. , SFG, BFC, LAS.

Besides, seafood group, after impressive gaining sessions, was also sharply adjusted in recent sessions, large stocks of this group such as VHC, ACL, IDI, ANV, CMX, FMC were on the floor.

Similar to the retail group, after a period of hot growth, this session’s selling pressure also weighed on so many stocks such as DGW, FRT, MWG, and PET were also on the floor.

Stocks drop like never before Stocks drop like never before – At the beginning of the afternoon of April 25, the stock trading session was taking place in a “pan of fire”, at one point the VN-Index dropped by more than 80 points – a record ever.

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