New policies take effect from the end of April 2022

Expenditure from the state budget to implement the project “Building a learning society in the period of 2021-2030” in localities

Circular 17/2022/TT-BTC guiding the management and use of funds for the implementation of the Project “Building a learning society in the 2021-2030 period” (referred to as the Scheme) takes effect from April 25 2022.

Accordingly, stipulating the content and spending levels from the state budget to implement the Scheme in localities, for example:

– Expenses for legal dissemination and education to raise awareness and responsibilities of all levels, branches, organizations, etc. about the purpose, meaning, role and benefits of lifelong learning and society building study: Comply with the provisions of Joint Circular 14/2014/TTLT-BTC-BTP;

– Expenses for travel expenses, expenses for performing tasks of inspecting and supervising the implementation of the Scheme in the locality, learning from experience the model of building an effective learning society in the country: Comply with the provisions of Circular No. investment 40/2017/TT-BTC ;

– Expenses for training, fostering and training to improve professional and professional capacity for subjects in the activities of the Project;…: Comply with the provisions of Circular 36/2018/TT-BTC ;

In addition, there are other expenses such as:

+ Expenses for testing, evaluating, grading/recognizing learning models;

+ Expenses for electricity (or lamp oil) for classes at the Night Community Learning Center; expenses for supporting documents, textbooks, and supplies in service of teaching and learning at community learning centers;

+ Expenses for illiteracy eradication and education universalization;

+ Expenses for commendation according to the provisions of law on emulation and commendation.

The spending levels specified in Circular 17/2022/TT-BTC are the maximum spending levels as a basis for agencies, organizations and individuals to make cost estimates for the implementation of the Scheme.

Based on the actual situation in the locality and the ability to balance the local budget, the People’s Committee of the province shall proactively submit to the People’s Council of the same level to decide on a specific expenditure level suitable for implementation in the locality.

Cases where the lottery company refunds ticket purchases

Circular 18/2022/TT-BTC amending Circular 36/2019/TT-BTC guiding the business of self-selected lottery numbers (TCSĐT) takes effect from April 28, 2022.

Accordingly, the electronic lottery company (XSĐT) must refund the purchase of lottery tickets to all participants in the following cases:

– The lottery schedule is announced to be canceled due to technical problems or force majeure caused by natural disasters, epidemics, fires, but there is no reorganization of the lottery schedule.

Or there is a re-drawing schedule but the time of the lottery is 72 hours later than the original schedule;

– The announced lottery results are canceled according to the conclusions of the competent state management agencies (the Ministry of Finance, the public security agencies, the inspection and examination agencies).

The Lottery Company must specify the time limit for refunding the purchase of lottery tickets in the Rules of Participation, but no more than 60 days from the date of the original scheduled drawing or the announcement of the cancellation of the results. lottery results of the competent authority;

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