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Newborn monkey has a strange ‘batman’ symbol on his face

The strange event is likened to a ‘batman’s return’ at Brevard Zoo, in Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Newborn monkeys have a strange batman symbol on their face - Photo 1.

A newly born monkey is noticed by many people because it possesses a unique mark right on its face. It was the small ‘batman’ symbol on its nose.

The silhouette of a bat spreading its wings or ‘batman’ is a symbol that appears a lot in the famous cartoon series that is popular around the world.

According to zoo staff, this is a spider monkey, born to a 31-year-old mother Rochelle and a 25-year-old father, Shooter. The mother monkey has had 3 cubs before, 19 year old Tica, 7 year old Prim and 2 year old Olive. In it, the monkey Tica is expecting her own baby.

“The baby monkey is in good health, clings to its mother and sucks successfully. At the moment, we don’t know the sex of the baby.”zoo representative said.

Newborn monkeys have a strange batman symbol on their face - Photo 2.

Mother Rochelle has a lot of experience raising young, the zoo’s staff always monitor and check the health of mother and child.

Lauren Hinson, the zoo’s director of animal management, said: “Rochelle is a professional monkey in taking care of children.”

Black spider monkeys are found throughout the southeastern United States, whose populations have declined due to deforestation and hunting. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the black spider monkey is classified as vulnerable to extinction.

According to Lauren Delgado, the zoo’s communications director, the newborn spider monkey is the 10th member of the species living at the zoo. So far, other spider monkeys have responded positively to Rochelle’s newborn.

Lauren Delgado says: “I think some of the younger members of the population living in our zoo, especially the monkey Matteo, have been trying to groom the newborn and that’s a positive sign.”

According to Lauren Delgado, this monkey has many different genera and is dark in color, looking like a spider. Growing populations of every animal in zoos is a safeguard against extinction. Although spider monkeys are classified as vulnerable, the zoo is always looking for ways to develop breeding, increase the number of species.

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